Practice Setup

Enter or update practice billing and contact information in the Edit Practice Info window.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Practice.

Enter the general contact and billing information for the practice. Practices using clinics should enter each clinic's contact and billing information under in the Clinic List.

Note: Phone and fax numbers are formatted automatically in the following format, (###)###-####, when typing. Any non-numeric characters (e.g., letters) that are typed into Phone and Fax fields are not saved.

General Practice Information

Practice and Billing Address

Enter the default practice address used on statements, sheets, etc., and the billing address and phone number used on claims. If using clinics, the clinic address and phone number overrides the practice address and phone. For more information on which address, and phone number is used on claims, see Claim Addresses.

Physical Treating Address: Enter the address of the physical location where treatment is performed. This is used as the treating address on claims and the practice address on statements.

Billing Address: Enter the billing address used on claims if different than the physical treating address.

Pay To Address: Enter the address where insurance payments should be sent if different than the physical treating address. This can be a PO Box. It is used as the billing address on claims. If the billing address is also entered, and Use on Claims is checked, the pay to address is sent with the billing address on e-claims but overrides the billing address on printed claims.

Note: A 9-digit zip code is required for all addresses when sending 5010 e-claims.

Banking Info

Bank Deposit Acct Number and Info: Enter the account information for bank deposits. This information is used on Deposit Slips.

Billing Default Type

Select the default billing type assigned to new patients. The billing type is automatically selected in the Edit Patient Information window when creating new patients.

Customize options in Definitions: Billing Types.

Default Provider

Select the default provider assigned to new patients. The primary provider is automatically selected in the Edit Patient Information window when creating new patients.

Default Proc Place Service

Select the default place of service assigned to procedures (Procedure - Misc Tab). This option is only visible if Public Health is turned on.

Default Insurance Billing Provider

Select which provider is used as the default billing provider on claims.