Problem List

In the Main Menu, click Lists, Problems, or in the Chart Medical, Problems tab, click Add Problem.

The master problem list contains all problems that can be attached to a patient's problem list. Problems are medical conditions or other factors that affect the health of patients.

Search: Filter the list by ICD9, ICD10, or SNOMED CT code, or by description. As you enter criteria, the list will update with matching results.

Sort Options: If accessed via the main menu, problems can be reordered or sorted alphabetically.

Show Hidden: When accessed via the Lists, Problems menu, problems marked Hidden show in the list by default. To hide hidden problems, uncheck Show Hidden.

Add or edit a problem

To download code systems to associate to problems, see Importing Code Systems.

For EHR:

  1. Click Add, or double click a problem to edit.
  2. ICD-9 Code: Click [...] to associate the problem with an ICD-9 Code. See ICD-10 Codes.
  3. ICD-10 Code: Click [...] to associate the problem with an ICD-10 Code.
  4. SNOMED CT Code: Click [...] to associate the problem with SNOMED CT Codes.
  5. Description: Enter the identifying name of the condition.
  6. Click OK to save the problem.

Remove a problem

To delete a problem, click Delete on the Problem Def Edit window. Problems attached to patients cannot be deleted. Instead, you can hide the problem so it is no longer a selection option for patients. Check Hidden.