In User Group, there is a list of Permissions for each User Group.

Refer to the table below for details about each permission and its behavior. See Audit Trail Permissions for a list of permissions that appear in the audit trail.

Note: When using ODTouch, actions may be grayed out when a user does not have the corresponding permission.

Permissions Internal Name Behavior User Group Lock Date Global Lock Date Date used to calculate
Main Menu
Graphics Edit GraphicsEdit Access and change Graphics Preferences.
Choose Database ChooseDatabase Access the Choose Database window.
Printer Setup PrinterSetup Allow access to the Printer Setup window.
Setup - Covers a wide variety of setup functions Setup Many Setup functions. See "Setup" Permission.
Chart - EHR
EHR Emergency Access EHREmergencyAccess Gives users with the Security Admin permission temporary access to the Family module if EHR Emergency Access is turned on. Most users have this anyways.
EHR Measure Event Edit EHRMeasureEventEdit Edit the date of an EHR measure event (action that affects an EHR numerator).
Advanced Setup Advertising
Replication Setup ReplicationSetup Allow access Replication setup.
Show Features ShowFeatures Allow access to Show Features.
Auto/Quick Note Edit AutoNoteQuickNoteEdit Create or edit Auto Note Setup and Quick Paste Notes.
Definition Edit DefEdit Add or edit Definitions. Logs as an entry in the Audit Trail when a definition is edited.
Dental School Dental School permissions always display but are only active when Dental Schools is enabled in Show Features.
Instructor Edit AdminDentalInstructors Add or edit providers who are Dental School Instructors. Must also have Provider Add permission.
Student Edit AdminDentalStudents Add or edit providers who are Dental School Students. Must also have Provider Add permission.
Admin Evaluation Edit AdminDentalEvaluations
  • Users with permission can access/edit Student Evaluations, but not add.
  • Users without the permission cannot access the area.
  • Instructors without the permission can access/edit/add but not filter by instructor
  • Instructors with the permission can access/edit/add and can filter by instructor
Schedules - Practice and Provider Schedules Alter provider and employee Schedules.
Security Admin SecurityAdmin Allow access to administrator functions. See "Security Admin" Permission. At least one user must have this permission. Tracks changes to permission in Audit Trail.
Add New User AddNewUser Allow user to add new User Edit from the main menu, Setup, Add User.
Manage High Security Properties ManageHighSecurityProgProperties Allow user to add or edit a password required for program links.
Update Install UpdateInstall Allow user to check for and install updates. Users without this permission can still access the Update window, but will not be able to check for or install updates. Logs audit trail entry when Update window is opened and when Open Dental is checked for updates.
Procedure Code Edit ProcCodeEdit Add or edit procedure codes from Lists, Procedure Codes. Logs as entry in Audit Trail when a procedure code is edited from Lists, Procedure Codes.
Fee Schedule Edit FeeSchedEdit Access Fee Schedules list or edit fees in Procedure Codes.
Allow Editing Fee Schedule While Receiving Claims AllowFeeEditWhileReceivingClaim Allow editing fee schedule in the Edit Procedure Code window when receiving claims. Users with this permission will be prompted if they want to update the allowed fee schedule when receiving claims. It is not possible for a user to have Fee Sched Edit permission but not Allow Editing Fee Schedule While Receiving Claims permission. Only prompts when Blue Book is set to None or Legacy Blue Book.
Provider Fee Edit ProviderFeeEdit Enter and delete provider-specific fee schedule overrides.
Medication Definition Edit MedicationDefEdit Add, edit, or delete medications in the Medication List.
Allergy Definition Edit AllergyDefEdit Add, edit, or delete an allergy in the Allergies List.
Problem Definition Edit ProblemDefEdit Add, edit, or delete a problem in the Problems List.
Provider Add ProviderAdd Allow a user to add a new provider.
Provider Edit ProviderEdit Allow a user to edit an existing provider.
Providers - Alphabetize ProviderAlphabetize Enable the Alphabetize Provider button on the Provider Setup window.
Clinic Edit ClinicEdit Allow a user to access the Clinic List or make edits to a clinic.
Unrestricted Patient Search UnrestrictedSearch Allow clinic restricted users to search all patients in the database. Allow user to change patient's clinic within the Family module.
Referral Add ReferralAdd Add a referral to the main Referrals List.
Referral Edit ReferralEdit Edit or delete a referral in the main Referral List.
Referral, Attach to Patient RefAttachAdd Attach Referrals to patients.
Referral, Delete from Patient RefAttachDelete Detach Referrals from patients.
Reports Reports Grant access to Standard Reports, To block or grant access to specific reports, see Report Setup: Security Permissions.
Production and Income, - View All Providers ReportProdIncAllProviders Access Production and Income reports for all providers. This applies to regular reports, and graphic reports. If a provider does not have this permission, they can still view their own reports, but only when they are logged on.
Daily Reports - View All Providers ReportDailyAllProviders Access Daily Adjustments, Daily Payments, Daily Procedures, and Daily Write-offs reports for all providers. If a provider does not have this permission, they can still view their own reports, but only when they are logged on.
Reports - Graphical Setup GraphicalReportSetup Set up and edit Graphic Reports.
Reports - Graphical GraphicalReports View graphic reports.
User Query UserQuery Run and change variables in released User Query.
User Query Admin UserQueryAdmin Write, edit, and run user queries, save and delete Query Favorites, and mark queries as released or not released.
CommandQuery CommandQuery Run SQL commands (non-SELECT statements) on normal tables in the User Query window.
New Claims from Procs Not Billed Report NewClaimsProcNotBilled Allows ability to use Procedures Not Billed to Insurance Report.
Misc Tools
Medication Merge MedicationMerge Access the Merge Medications tool.
Patient Merge PatientMerge Access the Merge Patients tool.
Provider Merge ProviderMerge Access the Merge Providers tool.
Referral Merge ReferralMerge Access the Merge Referrals tool.
Audit Trail AuditTrailAccess Access the Audit Trail.
Certifications - Employee Completion CertificationEmployee Allow a user to add a Date Completed to a certification.
Certifications - Setup CertificationSetup Access Certification Setup.
Repeating Charge Tool RepeatChargeTool Allow a user to run Repeating Charges and the Database Maintenance, Multi Repeat Charge tool.
Setup Wizard SetupWizard Allow a user access to the Setup Wizard.
Wiki Admin WikiAdmin Allow a user to lock a Wiki page and edit a locked page.
Wiki List Setup WikiListSetup Create or delete Wiki List and add list columns.
Web Forms Access WebFormAccess Allows access to web forms.
Zoom Zoom Allows access to Zoom window.
EServices Setup EServicesSetup Edit settings in the eServices Setup window and Mobile Settings window. The eConnector is only monitored when a user with this permission is logged on. Logs an entry in the Audit Trail when the eConnector is installed for the first time.
Query Monitor View QueryMonitor Allows access to the Query Monitor.
Main Toolbar
Advertising - Postcards Send Determines access to Postcards Setup (Advertising).
Commlog Create CommlogCreate Create Commlog entries.
Commlog Edit CommlogEdit Edit Commlog entries. X X CommDateTime
Email Send EmailSend Email Message Edit.
Text Message View TextMessageView Allows access to the Text Messaging Mailbox to view sent or received text messages.
Text Message Send TextMessageSend Allow users to send manual text messages from the Text Messaging Mailbox, ASAP List, Confirmation List, Text toolbar button, and right-click options in Appointments Module. Does not affect automated texting.
Webmail Send WebmailSend WebMail.
Sheet Edit SheetEdit Edit sheets attached to patients and change the patient a sheet is attached to. Also tracks when Web Forms Feature are retrieved and attached to patients. X X DateEntryC
Sheet Delete SheetDelete Delete sheets attached to a patient (See Fill Sheet). X X DateTimeSheet
Task Edit TaskEdit Edit Task descriptions or attachments. Track task additions and edits in the audit trail. Users without this permission will still be able to add new attachments to existing tasks and can edit their own task descriptions, but will not be able to edit existing attachments once the task is created or edit task descriptions of other users.
Task Note Edit TaskNoteEdit Edit task notes.
Task Delete TaskDelete Delete tasks and task notes.
Task List Create TaskListCreate Create a Task List.
Popup Edit (other users) PopupEdit Edit or delete Popups created by a user other than the currently logged on user. Users without this permission can still edit and delete their own popups.
Appointments Module AppointmentsModule Access the Appointments Module.
Appointment Create AppointmentCreate Create new appointments.
Appointment Move AppointmentMove Drag scheduled or completed appointments to new operatories. Move appointments to the Unscheduled List.
Appointment Resize AppointmentResize Edit a scheduled or completed appointment length.
Appointment Edit AppointmentEdit Edit scheduled appointments, Break Appointment, and delete appointments from the Unscheduled List. Requires Appointment Resize permission to edit appointment length.
Appointment Delete AppointmentDelete Delete existing scheduled appointments.
Completed Appointment Edit AppointmentCompleteEdit Edit completed appointments. Requires Appointment Resize permission to edit appointment length.
View Appointment Audit Trail ViewAppointmentAuditTrail View the Appointment Audit Trail.
eCW Appointment Revise EcwAppointmentRevise Only used by eClinicalWorks.
Insurance Plan Verification Assign InsPlanVerifyList Determines if a user can be assigned to insurance verifications in the Insurance Verification List (whether the user is listed as an option under For User).
Appointment Confirmation Status Edit ApptConfirmStatusEdit Edit Appointment Confirmation Status. Logs changes to confirmation status in the audit trail.
Blockouts Blockouts Add, edit, copy/paste, or delete Blockouts of any type. Logs an audit trail entry when a blockout is added, edited, deleted, cut, copied, pasted, or cleared. Users without the permission, can only add, edit, or delete blockouts flagged as NS or DC.
Family Module FamilyModule Access the Family Module. Logged as FamilyModuleViewed in the Audit Trail
Insurance Plan Edit InsPlanEdit Edit Insurance Plan information, Benefit Information and Discount Plans or use Change options in the Check Insurance Plan Fees tool. Logs an entry in the Audit Trail when insurance plan information is edited during import of an 834. Users without this permission will still be able to access the Insurance Plan window in order to request Electronic Eligibility and Benefits and view eBenefit history.
Change existing Ins Plan using Pick From List InsPlanPickListExisting In the Insurance Plan, use the Pick From List button to select a new insurance plan before dropping the existing plan.
Insurance Verification InsuranceVerification Allows access to the Insurance Verification List.
Insurance Plan Change Assignment of Benefits InsPlanChangeAssign Change the Assignment of Benefits setting on the Edit Insurance Plan window. Change Insurance plans default to show assignment of benefits setting in Preferences.
Insurance Plan Change Subscriber InsPlanChangeSubsc Change the subscriber on the Edit Insurance Plan window or use the Move Subscribers tool.
Insurance Plan Ortho Edit InsPlanOrthoEdit Edit information on the Edit Insurance Plan window, Ortho tab.
Carrier Create CarrierCreate Create Carriers. Does not stop Trojan Bridge or XML imports from creating new carriers. Users must also have Carrier Edit permission.
Carrier Edit CarrierEdit Edit existing Carriers. Users without Insurance Plan Edit permission can only edit carriers from the Carriers List.
Patient Billing Type Edit PatientBillingEdit Change a patient's billing type or change Included in Super Family Billing in Edit Patient Information.
Patient Primary Provider Edit PatPriProvEdit Allow or block user from changing a patient's primary provider on the Edit Patient Information window or via the Provider List. Logs entry in audit trail when primary provider is changed.
Patient Restriction Edit PatientApptRestrict Change the setting of the Appointment scheduling is restricted checkbox.
Archived Patient Select ArchivedPatientSelect Select a patient with a status of Archived.
Archived Patient Edit ArchivedPatientEdit Edit archived patient information in the Edit Patient Information window.
Patient Social Security Number View PatientSSNView View full patient SSN number in the Family Module, Select Patient window, and Edit Patient Information window. Only needed if the Mask patient Social Security Numbers preference is enabled. Users wilth Insurance Verification permission will be able to see full SSN in the Insurance Verification List without this permission.
Patient Birthdate View PatientDOBView View full patient birthdate in the Family Module, Select Patient window, and Edit Patient Information window. Users wilth Insurance Verification permission will be able to see full birthdates in the Insurance Verification List without this permission.
Patient Edit PatientEdit Determines access to the Edit Patient Information window.
Account Module AccountModule Access the Account Module. Logged as AccountModuleViewed in the Audit Trail
Claim Send ClaimSend Send or print an Insurance claim.
Claim Sent Edit ClaimSentEdit Edit claims that have already been sent. X DateSent
Claim Delete ClaimDelete Delete a claim. X SecDateEntry
Claim History Edit ClaimHistoryEdit Edit the Claim, Status History. X DateTimeEntry
Claim View ClaimView (rarely used) Allow user to view a claim. Users who do not have this permission also cannot create a claim.
Claim Procedure Provider Edit When Attached to Claim ClaimProcClaimAttachedProvEdit Edit providers on Claim Procedures that are attached to a claim.
Claim Procedure Received Edit ClaimProcReceivedEdit Edit Claim Procedures with a Received or Supplemental status. Date limitations are ignored when date is invalid. X DateEntry
Update Custom Tracking UpdateCustomTracking Enable the Update Claim Tracking button in the Outstanding Insurance Claims Report.
PreAuth Sent Edit PreAuthSentEdit Edit Preauthorization that have already been sent. X SecDateEntry
Account Procs Quick Add AccountProcsQuickAdd Allow user to add procedures to the account via Quick Procs.
Insurance Payment
Insurance Payment Create InsPayCreate

Receive a Claim, Finalize Insurance Payment, create a Batch Insurance Payment, or Access ERA window. Users without this permission can still enter insurance pay estimates on Preauthorizations.

X PaymentDate
Insurance Payment Edit InsPayEdit Edit received procedures, finalized payments, and payment details on a batch insurance payment. X X DateCP
Insurance Write-off Edit InsWriteOffEdit Edit write-offs and write-off estimates, mark procedure Do Not Bill to Ins. X DateEntryC
Payment Create PaymentCreate Enter a Payment. Also needed to create an Income Transfer. X X PaymentDate
Payment Edit PaymentEdit Edit existing patient payments or income transfers. X X PaymentDate
Pay Split Create after Global Lock Date SplitCreatePastLockDate Add new Pay Splits for payments created before the Global Lock Date. Does not allow editing or deleting of existing payments. The sum of all splits must equal the payment amount. X
Payment Plan
Pay Plan Edit PayPlanEdit Create, edit, close, or delete a Payment Plan, Insurance Payment Plan, or Old Payment Plan. Logs an entry in the Audit Trail when a plan is created, reopened, signed, or closed, when a signature is invalidated, or when the guarantor, amount, insurance plan, or note is changed. X PayPlanDate
Pay Plan Charge Date Edit PayPlanChargeDateEdit Edit the date of a payment plan charge on payment plans with APR.
Adjustment Create AdjustmentCreate Create Adjustments and TP Procedure Discounts. X AdjDate
Adjustment Edit AdjustmentEdit Edit adjustments. X X AdjDate
Adjustment Edit Zero Amount AdjustmentEditZero If user does not have Adjustment Edit permission, allow user to create or delete adjustments with a zero amount and today's date as the Entry Date.
Adjustment Type Deny AdjustmentTypeDeny Deny access to specific adjustments in the Account Module. When checked, the Adjustment Definition Picker window will open. See Adjustment for more information.
Export CSV StatementCSV Allow user to export statements .csv files.
TreatmentPlan Module TPModule Access the Treatment Plan Module. Logged as TreatmentPlanModuleViewed in the Audit Trail
Edit Treatment Plan TreatPlanEdit Edit a saved Treatment Plan. X DateTP
Edit Treatment Plan Presenter TreatPlanPresenterEdit Change the presenter when Editing a Saved Treatment Plan.
Sign Treatment Plan TreatPlanSign Allow a user to sign a saved Treatment Plan.
Chart Module ChartModuleViewed Access the Chart Module. Logged as ChartModuleViewed in the Audit Trail.
Edit EO or EC Procedures ProcExistingEdit Allow a user to edit a procedure with a status of Existing Other (EO) or Existing Current (EC). X DateEntryC
Show Procedure Fee ProcEditShowFee Show (check) or hide (uncheck) the Amount textbox in the Procedure Info window only. It does not affect the Chart View. This permission might not be very useful, and was added for a specific customer for a unique situation.
TP Procedure Delete ProcDelete Delete non-completed procedures and edit attached Procedure Notes and Procedure Group Note. X DateEntryC
Procedure Note (full) ProcedureNoteFull Make changes to any procedure note or signature.
Procedure Note (same user) ProcedureNoteUser Only allow user to make changes to procedure notes that are unsigned or they have signed. Block user from changing procedure notes signed by others.
Group Note Edit (other users, signed) GroupNoteEditSigned Allow user to edit group notes signed by other users.
Completed Procedure
Create Completed Procedure (or set complete) ProcComplCreate Set appointments or individual procedures complete. Set Appointment Complete. X ProcDate
Edit Completed Procedure ProcCompleteEdit Edit a completed procedure (e.g. date, procedure, time, description, tooth number, surface, amount, and date of treatment plan). X X
Change Status or Delete a Completed Procedure ProcCompleteStatusEdit Change the status of a completed procedure, or delete a completed procedure. X X
Edit Note on Completed Procedure ProcCompleteNote Edit a note or signature on a completed procedure.

Unchecking this permission also unchecks 'Edit EO or EC Procedures'.
Add Adjustment to Completed Procedure ProcCompleteAddAdj Add or link an adjustment to a completed procedure.

Unchecking this permission also unchecks 'Edit EO or EC Procedures'.
Miscellaneous Edit on Completed Procedure ProcedureCompleteEditMisc Make miscellaneous changes to a completed procedure (e.g. Hide graphics, edit Medical and Misc tab data, etc).

Unchecking this permission also unchecks 'Edit EO or EC Procedures'.
Rx Create RxCreate Create prescriptions. For practices using eRx, also allows users access to eRx interface.
Rx Edit RxEdit Edit or delete existing prescriptions.
Ortho Chart Edit (full) OrthoChartEditFull Create, sign, or edit any Ortho Chart dated entry. X OrthoDate
Ortho Chart Edit (same user, signed) OrthoChartEditUser Only allow user to edit or sign ortho chart entries that are unsigned, or that they created or signed. Block user from editing or signing entries created by others. X OrthoDate
Perio Chart Edit PerioEdit Edit a dated Perio exam. X
Intake Anesthetic Medications into Inventory AnesthesiaIntakeMeds Only used by the Anesthesia plugin.
Edit Anesthetic Records; Edit Adjust Inventory Counts AnesthesiaControlMeds Only used by the Anesthesia plugin.
Pat Medication List Edit MedicationEdit Add or edit medications for a patient.
Pat Allergy List Edit PatAllergyListEdit Add or edit allergies for a patient.
Pat Problem List Edit ProblemDefEdit Add or edit problems for a patient.
Imaging Module ImagesModule Access the Imaging Module. Logged as ImagesModuleViewed in the Audit Trail.
Image Create ImageCreate Add images (Acquire, Video, Import, or Paste buttons).
Image Delete ImageDelete Delete Images. X DateCreated
Image Edit ImageEdit Edit an image (Crop, size, flip, etc). X DateCreated
Image Export ImageExport Export an image. X DateCreated
Manage Module ManageModule Access the Manage Module.
Accounting Accounting Access Accounting.
Accounting Create Entry AccountingCreate Create accounting entries. X DateDisplayed
Accounting Edit Entry AccountingEdit Edit accounting entries. X DateDisplayed
Billing Billing Access Billing.
Deposit Slips DepositSlips Edit DepositSlips. X DepositDate
Backup Backup Access Backups.
Time Card
Edit All Time Cards TimeCardsEditAll Edit any person's time card and have access to the Time Card Manage window in the Time Clock section. The Global Security Setting for Users cannot edit their own time card will override this permission. X
Time Card Delete Entry TimeCardDeleteEntry Delete a time card entry. We recommend not using this permission because time card changes are tracked anyway. X TimeEntered
Edit Protected Leave Time Card Adjustments ProtectedLeaveAdjustmentEdit Create, edit, and delete time card adjustments that are marked as protected leave for another employee.
Supply Inventory
Equipment Setup EquipmentSetup Access Equipment.
Equipment Delete EquipmentDelete Delete Equipment. X DateEntry
Supplier Edit SupplierEdit Access Suppliers.
Merge Tools
Insurance Carrier Combine InsuranceCarrierCombine Combine Carriers.
Insurance Plan Combine InsurancePlanCombine Combine Insurance Plans
Rx Combine RxCombine Combine Prescriptions
Web Applications
ODTouch/ODMobile MobileWeb Allow or block a user from accessing ODTouch, ODMobile, or Mobile Web.
Cloud Note: Only visible when using Open Dental Cloud.
Allow Login From Any Location Allow user to log into Open Dental Cloud from any location. When not allowed, user must have their IP address added to Allowed Addresses in Cloud Management.