Authorize Recurring Charges

Set up a recurring payment to a patient's credit/debit card or checking/savings account for regularly due charges (e.g. payment plans, repeating charges).

In Credit Card Manage, double-click a payment account.

Authorize the recurring charge amount and frequency for select patients. On the scheduled payment date, the patient's payment method will be added to the Recurring Charges tool to be processed. Run the tool manually to process the payments or set payments to process automatically at a specific time each day.

  • Recurring payments are allocated to outstanding charges within the family using first in/first out logic (FIFO).
  • Multiple cards can be setup for recurring charges in a family, but this may cause unexpected behavior when the family balance becomes $0.00.
  • When using a single card, adjust Charge Frequency below as required for multiple charges in a single month.

To run the tool and for set up requirements, see CC Recurring Charges.

To set up a recurring payment, enter the Authorize Recurring Charges details then select the Charge Frequency.

Authorized Recurring Charges:

Charge Frequency:

Click OK to save.

To exit the Credit Card Edit window without saving changes, click Cancel. To remove the payment information from the patient's account, click Delete.