Task Inbox Setup

Assign Task Lists to users as inboxes.

In Tasks Preferences, click Inbox Setup.

Inboxes determine which Task Lists are listed by default when clicking Send To... on a Task and which Task List a task is sent to when clicking Reply on a task.

Users and Task Lists must be created before assigning Task Inboxes.

User / Inbox grid: Displays users and the Task List that is currently assigned as an inbox.

Task Lists: Displays all Task Lists that are not archived.

To assign an inbox to a user:

  1. Highlight the user in the User / Inbox grid (on the left).
  2. Highlight the Task List to be assigned as an inbox from the Task Lists (on the right).
    • To unassign a user from any inbox, highlight none.
  3. Click Set.

The selected Task List is now assigned as the selected user's inbox. If the user was already assigned a different inbox, it is replaced with the new Task List.

Once an inbox is assigned, users should subscribe to the Task List from the Tasks Area to get task popups or show tasks in the New for User and For User tabs.