Tasks Area

Task lists and tasks are managed in the Tasks area, and can be used for office communications, reminders, appointment lists, patient lists, daily, weekly, or monthly check off lists, etc.

In the Manage Module, click Tasks.

The task area may also be docked to the bottom or side of the main Open Dental window.

A task list can include nested task lists or tasks.

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Tasks lists that have new tasks are flagged with an orange checkbox and the number of new tasks appears in parentheses.

When the Tasks area is docked, you can resize the area by dragging the splitter (the horizontal bar between the tasks area and the rest of the screen). To change docking options, right-click on the splitter, or click Setup, Task.

Options: Set task list options.

Note: Tasks can also be filtered by Clinic. See Tasks Preferences to enable.

Add Task List: Create a new task list. Must be selected in the Main tab. See Task List and Inbox.

Add Task: Create a new task. Click the dropdown to add a reminder task.

Search: Search for specific tasks. See Task Search.

Manage Blocks: Block task popups for specific task lists. Select the lists to block, then click OK. Tasks in selected lists will not pop up, but will still show in the New for User tab until read.

Unfiltered: Only visible when Global Filter for Task Lists is enabled in Task Setup. Allows a user to manually filter a task list.

Tabs: Click on a tab and its task lists will show.

Task lists

Click on a task list to see the tasks within.

Right click options:

Note: If you move a main task list into its own sub-task list, the sub-task list(s) will become main task list(s).


Double-click a task to open it. See Task Window.

Right click options:

Task text that is more than 250 characters, has two or more task notes, or one task note more than 250 characters can be expanded or collapsed. The + or - in the +/-column indicates in current state. Click the +/-column header to toggle all tasks between expand or collapse.

- indicates a task that is expanded. Click - to collapse text.

+indicates a task that is collapsed. Click + to expand.

Set the default state in Task Preferences.

Task popout count

The task popout window displays the number of tasks in the selected task list. Hover over the Open Dental icon on the taskbar to view. Task count only shows when the tasks window is open and a task list or tab is selected.

If tasks are not popping up on your screen, ensure the following: