Task Search

Users can search for tasks using multiple criteria.

In the Tasks area, click Search.

Task Results

The task results grid displays tasks found using the criteria on the right.

The grid displays the date created, the date completed (when the task was marked as Done), and the task description. Double-click a task to open it.

Right-click options:

Search by:

Use the criteria on the right to find tasks.

Users: Search tasks by user.

Task Info: Search by information within the task.

Text: Search for tasks by filtering keywords or phrases. Searches the Task Description (i.e., contents). If Include Task Notes is checked, includes task notes. If Include Attachments also searches Attachment Descriptions and Text.

Date Created: Search tasks created in a specified date range.

Date Completed: Search tasks completed in a specified date range.

Additional Options: Search tasks by other criteria.

New Task: Click to create a new task.

Refresh: Click to update the Task Results grid using the criteria entered above.

Limit Results (50): When checked, search results are restricted to 50 tasks. When unchecked, there is no limit.

Run on Report Server: Only visible for offices using a report server (Report Setup: Report Server). Check to run the task search query on the report server to avoid slowness.


If the text TaskNum:##### is currently copied to the clipboard, the associated Task is immediately opened, without launching Task Search (e.g., if TaskNum:254 is copied to the clipboard, TaskNum:254 is immediately opened). If a matching Task is not found, Task Search opens with the TaskNum entered into the search criteria.