Text Messaging Mailbox

In the Main Menu, click the Text dropdown. Select an option.

Outgoing and incoming Text Messages can be viewed in the text messaging inbox. From here you can also reply, block numbers, and attach messages to patients.

Up to 100 messages display at a time. When there are more than 100 messages, use the navigation arrows above the grid to scroll through pages. Bold messages indicate unread messages. Click on a row to view the conversation thread on the right.

Group Messages By:

To filter results, select a filter option then click Refresh to update.

Right-click on a text message for other options. The options are only available when None is selected under Group Message By.

If a message has a failed status, see Integrated Texting Troubleshooting to troubleshoot why.

Attach Messages to Patients

Messages are automatically linked to a patient when phone numbers are an exact match.

To manually attach a message to a patient, right click the message and select Change Pat.

Block a Number

To block incoming text messages from a specific mobile number, right click on the text message, then click Block Number. The sender will see the text message as delivered, but it will not appear in Open Dental. Blocked messages cannot be recovered.

Reply to a Text Message

To quickly send a text message in response to a received message:

  1. Highlight the message.
  2. Enter the text message in the text box on the lower right.
  3. Click Send.

If the monthly texting limit is reached, you will be prompted to increase the limit. See SMS Warning Amount.