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Definitions: Account Colors

The Account Colors definition changes the text color for different types of entries in the Account Module, Patient Account grid.

  • Default: Text color when line item is not one of the entry types below.
  • Adjustments
  • Discounts
  • Patient Payments
  • Insurance: Claims with a status of "waiting to send" or "sent"
  • Comm: Statements
  • PayPlan: Payment Plan charges (AgedCreditsandDebits).
  • Insurance Payment: Insurance payments that have been "received"
  • Received Ins Claim: Claims with a status of "received"
  • Received Pre-Auth: Preauthorizations with a status of "received" (marked hidden as of version 15.4)
  • Broken Appointment Procedure: Procedure D9986 (missed appointment)
  • Canceled Appointment Procedure: Procedure D9987 (cancelled appointment)

To customize account colors:

  1. Click Setup, Definitions, then select Account Colors.

  1. Double-click an entry type.

Name cannot be changed.

  1. Color: Click the box to Select a Color.
  2. Click OK to save.


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