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Manage Module 

Send Claims as a Batch
Batch Insurance Payments
Supply Inventory
E-mail Inbox
Time Clock

The Manage Module contains a number of miscellaneous management functions that don't apply to any single patient.

Daily Section
- Send Claims:
  Send or print insurance claims as a batch. You can also print or send individual claims on the Edit Claim window.
- Batch Ins:  Enter batch Insurance Payments.
- Billing:  Set Billing Options and defaults, generate a Billing List, and print or e-mail batch statements.
- Deposits:  Print Deposit Slips.
- Supply Inventory: Track Suppliers, Supplies, Orders and Equipment.
- Tasks:  Set up Task Lists and create Tasks.  These can be used for tickler lists, appointment lists, patient lists, daily, weekly, or monthly check off lists, etc.
- Backup:  Use Open Dental's manual Backup and Restore Tool.
- AccountingSet up a chart of accounts and track expenses, income, assets, liabilities and equity.
- Email Inbox:  Launch the E-mail Inbox.

Time Clock
In the Time Clock area, Employees can use the Time Clock to clock in/out of work. Management can define pay periods and any rules (e.g. for overtime or differential pay) in Time Card Setup, and calculate daily/weekly totals and run reports in Time Card Manage.  Time clock calcuations correspond with ADP format requirements, and features automate calculations and simplify error fixing.

Messaging lets you send text, light and sound messages between computers in the office.   See Messaging.


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