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Sheets:  Patient Letter Setup 

Patient letters are the types of Sheets available when Letter is clicked in the main toolbar. At least one custom sheet with a type of PatientLetter must exist before a patient letter can be generated.

  1. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Sheets.
  2. Copy a sheet or create a new one.
    • Highlight the internal Patient Letter sheet and click Copy.  Then double click the custom sheet. 
    • Click New and create a new custom sheet with a PatientLetter type. 
    • Double click an existing custom sheet of PatientLetter type to edit.
    • Highlight an existing custom sheet of PatientLetter type, then click Duplicate to copy it.

    Below is a copy of the internal sheet Patient Letter Tx Finder.

  1. Change the sheet as needed.
    Edit Properties
    Add or edit Sheet Elements and Options
    For patient letters only, you can insert insert a field from a custom exam sheet within a Static Text field.
  2. Click OK to save.

Including Pre and Post Treatment Images in a Patient Letter
Here is an example of how you might include patient images (Pat Images) in this type of sheet. To use multiple patient images, save each image in a separate Images category because only the first image in each category is pulled.


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