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Customer Announcements

Below is an archived list of recent customer announcements.

12/02/2021 - We will be performing server maintenance on Saturday, December 4th at 11 am. Some services, such as updates and some web pages, will be unavailable during this time.

07/12/2021 - New installations of the Open Dental Trial Version will use MariaDB beginning 07/14/2021. Existing Open Dental installations will continue to use MySQL. See MariaDB and Questions & Answers on the Trial Version for details.

09/07/2021 - eService users may experience a delay in outbound text messages. Our text messaging provider is aware and is working on a solution.

8/30/2021 - 2:48am PST - UPDATE: DoseSpot customers may receive an error stating "Error posting medication: ..." when launching DoseSpot. DoseSpot is currently looking into this issue. We have implemented a fix to patch this error until DoseSpot is able to resolve the issue. If you are experiencing this error, please update to the latest stable version of Open Dental. Some prescriptions may not synch from Open Dental to DoseSpot until DoseSpot fixes the issue.

07/26/2021 - DoseSpot eRx is down. Users may receive an error or experience extreme slowness when launching DoseSpot. DoseSpot is aware of the issue and is working on a solution.

05/24/2021 - As of 3:30 PM PT, the eClipboard feature is down and we are working to get it fixed as soon as possible.

04/16/2021 - We will be performing server maintenance on Saturday, April 17th, for 20 minutes between 8 am and 12 pm Pacific Time. Users may experience disruptions searching the user manual and website during this time.

04/15/2021 - DoseSpot will be temporarily unavailable on Thursday, April 15th 2021 beginning at 9:00 pm Eastern Time.

04/08/2021 - As of 4:30 PM PT, Dental Exchange Claim Service is down and not receiving claims with no ETA, check the Dental Exchange website or call them for updates.

03/27/2021 - DoseSpot will be temporarily unavailable on Sunday, March 28th 2021 beginning at 9:00 pm EDT.

03/25/2021 - 12:50 pm Pacific Time - Issue Resolved: Legacy eRx issues with slowness and errors have been resolved. Users can submit electronic prescriptions again as normal.

03/25/2021 - Legacy eRx users may experience slowness or a "Server 503" error when prescribing. Legacy has identified the issue is on their end and are currently working to resolve the errors. We do not have an ETA at this time. Please continue to try and submit prescriptions at a later time until the issue is resolved or follow your state's workaround for technology failures for prescriptions.

03/22/2021 - Issue Resolved: eClipboard and OD Mobile had an issue with push notifications to Apple products last week through 8:57 am PDT today, Monday 3/22. Issue was completely caused by an Azure internal bug. We share your frustration and are implementing a secondary push service.

03/15/2021 - eClipboard and Open Dental Mobile users should refrain from updating to Version 21.1 (beta) at this time.

02/08/2021 - Mass Email will be unavailable for approximately 15 minutes due to server maintenance on Monday, February 8th at 6:30 pm.

01/15/2021 - The latest Open Dental User Newsletter has been released. See company announcements, new feature highlights, tips and tricks, and more.

11/17/2020 - Thunderstorms have caused power outages for many of our employees working from home, resulting in higher-than-usual call volumes. We appreciate your patience.

09/08/2020 - A large wildfire is burning just a few miles from Open Dental Headquarters in Salem, Oregon. Some of our staff have had to evacuate their homes. Thick smoke has caused breathing issues for others. Expect delays on incoming support calls through the end of the week, September 8th - 11th. We are still staffed, just at lower levels: we have 48 staff out and another 28 on altered schedules Wednesday, September 9th.

05/28/2020 - See our Covid-19 Updates Q&A page.

05/01/2020 - The ADA has provided a COVID-19 Patient Screening Form to use as you re-open your practices. This is available as a Sheet in Open Dental in versions 19.4.40 (Stable) and 20.1.18 (Beta) and greater. Please update your software to use this sheet

02/05/2020 - Some services, including eServices and Open Dental updates, will be unavailable during maintenance Sunday, February 16th beginning at 11 a.m.

02/07/2020 - 8:52 AM PST - We were notified by DoseSpot at 6:45 AM PST today that due to a server issue, some providers may receive a "Single Sign On" error or a "500 Site Maintenance" error when trying to access DoseSpot. They are not currently able to provide us an ETA on having this issue fixed. As more information is provided to us, we will update this announcement.

12/19/2019 - At approximately 5:00 PM PT we will be performing a server upgrade that will prevent access to a small number of our web pages, in addition to attempts to update the Open Dental software. This is only expected to last about 30 minutes. If you experience an error navigating to one of our web pages or updating your software, please try again later.

10-18-2019 - DoseSpot users accessing eRx via Mobile Web on an iOS 13 mobile device will be unable to prescribe. This is due to the latest iOS update. Apple is aware of the issue and is working on a solution. In the meantime, users can still prescribe via desktop or with another type of mobile device.

08-26-2019 - There has been a recent wave of Ransomware attacks. Ensure your Backups are up to date and that you have developed a network security plan with your IT.

09-19-2019 - We are aware of issues with multiple phone carriers nationwide which may be affecting inbound calls. If you are unable to reach us, please feel free to Chat or email us (service@opendental.com) for a call.

07-26-2019 - We will be performing server maintenance on Saturday, July 27th beginning at 8 a.m. Pacific Time. Users may experience disruptions in webforms and eServices during this time.

07/01/2019 - On July 1st, 2019 between 5 and 6 PM PST, several Open Dental services will be down. These include but are not limited to Open Dental Updates, Query Examples Page, Dose Spot registration and the Conversions information webpage.

06/07/2019 - Dosespot eRx issues have been resolved. Please contact support if you are still experiencing any further disruptions.

5/9/2019 - PatientXpress / HRDSq Issue. Fix in progress and should be released in 'about 20 minutes' as of 9:50 AM PatientXpress / HRDSq may cause your Open Dental to crash and not be open (it can be fixed without data loss).

05/03/2019 - Open Dental will be performing server maintenance on Friday, May 3rd at 6pm Pacific Time. You may notice a disruption in services during that time.

02/08/2019 - For customers who white-list URLs and eService server addresses, we have updated the server address for Open Dental updates. Please white-list the following URL: https://opendentalsoft.com:1943/WebServiceCustomerUpdates/Service1.asmx

01/15/2019 - Windows has released a fix for the error below. See:

01/09/2019 - URGENT WINDOWS 7/Server 2008 UPDATE ISSUE: While not related to Open Dental, we have had multiple customers today have their networks brought down by an apparent Windows 7 update. We would advise that you not update Windows 7 (appears to affect Windows Server 2008 R2 also) until Windows comes out with a fix. The update may bring down your network shares, which causes major issues. Call us if this happened to you and we can help you set up a temporary local AtoZ folder as described below.
Here is a link to article from The Register: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/01/09/windows_7_network_broken/

12/07/2018: For those few customers who white-list URLs and server addresses:
We are adding (and will continue to add) more redundancy to our eService servers that customer systems communicate with. Most customers do not need to take any action as this expansion will be invisible to users. However, if you have advanced rules on your network equipment that limit who your servers can communicate with, you will need to add more rules to handle new servers and/or ports. See Ports and IP Addresses for eServices.

12/01/2018 - 2019 CDT Codes are available in version 18.2.47 or 18.3.26 and greater. See Update CDT Codes.

8/8/2018: Expanded hours of operation! We will be open each Sunday from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. PDT.

8/2/2018: Open Dental User Newsletter published. See company announcements, new feature highlights, tips and tricks, and more.

8/31/2018: Open Dental support will be available on Monday, September 3 (Labor Day) from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. PDT.

8/24/2018: All texting services are restored. Delayed messages should be received throughout the day.

06/29/2018: DentalXChange customers may experience delays when sending claims or processing payments. They are working to resolve the issue.

3/28/2018: XWeb/OpenEdge/XCharge and PayConnect customers must update to the most recent stable version of Open Dental by April 2018 to continue using these services.

3/2/2018: E-Claims customers may see an error when sending e-Claims: "Error: The request was aborted: could not create SSL/TLS secure channel." Update to the most recent stable version.

New Year, new tasks! Visit our Start of a New Year page for any set up steps you may need to complete as 2018 begins.

12/13/2017: Multiple Canadian Fee Guides are now available for import. See Canada - Fee Guides.

11/27/2017: 2018 CDT Codes are available in version 17.2.36 or 17.3.22 and greater. See Update CDT Codes.

10/19/2017: The October 2017 Open Dental User Newsletter has been released. See company announcements, new feature highlights, tips and tricks, and more.

9/6/2017: With the approach of Hurricane Irma, we encourage our customers in Florida and affected areas to make backups of their database and images, then store the backup in a secure off-site location. You may also want to take the server off-site. Please contact support if you need assistance.

8/23/2017: 10:22 am: DentalXChange issues are resolved.

8/1/2017: Open Dental will be staffed for emergencies only all day on August 21 and will be closed 10 am to 11 am. Our Salem, Oregon Headquarters is located in the FIRST medium to large city in the eastbound path of totality for the solar eclipse. Local authorities are predicting total traffic system failure. We are expecting the population of our city to double from 300,000 to 600,000+ that day. Our staff may not be able to get to work.

7/31/2017: eRx: Some users are experiencing issues when sending prescriptions. Surescripts is aware of the issue and working to resolve it. Attempting to resend prescriptions may work. This issue was resolved at 11 am 7/31/2017.

6/2017: In version 17.1, Open Dental will require a minimum 1280 x 768 resolution which will increase window width by 256 pixels. Please evaluate your monitors and determine if you need to upgrade. See Computer Requirements.

6/19/2017 12:17 pm: All eServices are temporarily unavailable for all users. We are currently working to fix this issue. Thank you for your patience.

5/14/2017: On Wed. 5/16, Open Dental will conduct server maintenance and as a result you may be unable to update or check our bug tracker. Estimated down time is between 4:30 pm and 6 pm. If you need update assistance during this time, contact support.

5/2/2017, 12:13 pm: DentalXChange customers may experience delays when sending claims and requesting benefits due to a down DentalXChange server. They are working to resolve this issue.

4/24/2017: Webroot Antivirus was incorrectly identifying Open Dental as a threat. See Virus Protection for the solution.

4/7/2017, 10:04 am (PST): Integrated Texting is now restored and working as expected.

4/7/2017, 9:52 am (PST): Integrated Texting is currently down. We are working to resolve the issue.

4/5/2017, 11:50 am: Inbound text messages are now working as expected. We are working to restore incoming messages sent between 7pm, 4/4/17 and 10:30 am, 4/5/17 (PST).

4/5/2017, 10:55 am: Some of the Integrated Texting issues have been resolved. Please check back for updates.

4/5/2017, 9:45 am: Some customers using Integrated Texting have not been receiving text messages from their patients. We are currently investigating this issue.

3/31/2017: eServices will be temporarily down starting at 3 pm PST, for at least 5 minutes and up to 24 hours. Outgoing texting will still work, but incoming text messages will be delayed until services are restored. The hosted Patient Portal, Web Forms, Web Sched Recall, Web Sched New Patient Appts, and Mobile Web will also not work until services are restoredd. We will update this message as updates are known.

2/6/2017: eRx is currently experiencing delays. There is currently no estimated time of resolution. 3:04 pm: All services should be back up and running.

2/1/2017: EPCS users may experience delays receiving text messages. T-Mobile is working on this issue.

1/30/2017: Some services may be down on Saturday, February 4th for five hours beginning at 1:00 pm PST, due to server maintenance.

1/27/2017: Dropbox should not be used until version 17.1 or greater. See Store Images in Dropbox for details.

1/27/2017: 2017 fee guides for NBDS, ACDQ, CDSS, BCDA, NSDA, HSO, and ODA are available. See Canada Fee Schedules.

1/13/2017, 1:18 pm: DentalXChange is experiencing issues when sending electronic statements, resulting in an error message. They are working to resolve this issue.

1/8/2017, EPCS: The OTP for eRx issue has been resolved.

1/6/2017, EPCS: T-Mobile customers may experience delays in receiving One Time Passcodes for eRx.

1/4/2017: We are moving the eServices host server late afternoon on Wed., 1/4. We expect a seamless transition however eServices may experience issues into the evening.

1/4/2017, 9:22am: Our facility was evacuated for a gas leak. We were out of facility for about one hour. We are taking calls, but there will be delays as we try to call back all of the customers that called during the evacuation. Thank you for your patience.

1/4/2017: We are moving the eServices host server late afternoon on Wed., 1/4. We expect a seamless transition however eServices may experience issues into the evening.

1/3/2017: 2017 fee guides for NBDS, ACDQ, and ODA are available. See Canada Fee Schedules.

1/3/2017: Copying a fee schedule to itself will blank out the fee schedule. To avoid this issue, update your Open Dental version to 16.2.74 or greater, 16.3.40 or greater, or 16.4.9 or greater.

12/27/2016: Version 16.3 requires installation of .NET 4.5 and is not compatible with Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

12/18/2016: 2017 ODA fee schedules are available. See Canada Fee Schedules.

12/15/2016: EPCS users must enter usernames and passwords when writing a prescription.

11/28/2016: eRx users may experience timeouts. eRx is currently working to resolve this issue.

10/27/2016: Change Healthcare Medical users must update to version 16.2.62 and install .NET Framework 4.5 by November 1, 2016 to retain claim sending and reporting functions. Otherwise, an error message will appear when Electronic Eligibility is requested and reports are run. This change is a result of Change Healthcare's increased security requirements.

10/21/2016: Integrated texting experienced technical difficulties and the issues have been resolved.

10/21/2016:: X-Charge experienced a duplicate charge issue which has been resolved. However, any VISA charges processed through X-Charge on October 18th, 2016 are subject to duplicate charges appearing on the patient's credit card statement. TransFirst is working hard to get the transactions reversed. The charges will not show as duplicates in Open Dental or on your X-Charge portal.

The duplicate charges have been voided by X-Charge, but they will still appear on the patient's bank statement. Patients should not dispute the charges themselves. If a patient calls to dispute the charge, please inform them that a reversal should occur very soon.

10/11/2016, 12:14 pm: eRx issues have been resolved.

10/11/2016, 11:20 am: eRx has reported many users experiencing connectivity issues. A resolution for this issue is currently in progress.

10/11/2016, 11:25 am: Our phone issues have been resolved, thank you for your patience.

10/10/2016: eServices may be down for a few hours for maintenance on Saturday, 10/15, at 9 am.

9/12/2016: Version 16.3 requires installation of .NET 4.5 and is not compatible with Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. If you are using these, you will need to update your operating system if you wish to update to 16.3. Otherwise, remain on 16.2.

8/22/2016: On Saturday, 8/27, some customer services will be unavailable due to server maintenance beginning at 3 pm PDT.

8/16/2016: eRx: Some providers are reporting an 'Communication Failure' error when sending a controlled substance and using text messaging for OTP. Please use another method until the issue is resolved. If you receive this error with another OTP method, please contact us.

8/3/2016: 2016 is the last year to begin participation in the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program. See Open Dental EHR.

7/21/2016: Ontario NIHB fee guides are now available. See Canada Fee Schedules.

7/18/2016: Integrated texting is currently experiencing technical issues. We are working to resolve the problem.

7/18/2016: eRx: If you receive a TFA error, please contact technical support.

7/5/2016: Version 16.1 has been EHR certified. See Open Dental EHR.

7/5/2016: Dental XChange issues have been resolved.

6/30/2016: eRx EPCS issues have been resolved.

6/29/2016: Dental XChange is currently experiencing issues and are workign to resolve them.

6/28/2016: eRx is reporting that some providers are having issues with EPCS. They are working to resolve the issue.6/30/2016: The EPCS issues with eRx have been resolved.

6/23/2016: eRx customers: Surescripts connectivity issues are resolved. Any failed e-prescriptions need to be retransmitted. Check the eRx Status page to identify failed transmissions. Providers do not need to do reported missing Rxs.

6/23/2016: eRx customers: Surescripts has notified us that they are experiencing performance issues that may result in scripts failing. Check the eRx Status page to find scripts that need to be resent. Surescripts is working to resolve this issue.

5/12/2016: For Saskatchewan, CDSS, NIHB and SSHB fee guides are available. For Alberta, DASP and NIHB fee guides are now available. See Canada Fee Schedules.

5/9/2016 1:25 PM: ClaimConnect issue: Some customers are reporting an issue sending claims with Claim Connect through Open Dental. We are currently investigating the issue, and will update our website as soon as we have more information.

5/2/2016: eRx users may have noticed duplicate prescriptions were being transmitted to the pharmacy. The issue is resolved and only the intended Rx is being sent. Some prescriptions may have delayed in reaching the pharmacy.

4/7/2016: eRx has had multiple reports of clients who are unable to connect or experiencing slowness. The issue is being investigated.

4/6/2016: For all eRx issues (identfy proofing, passwords, support, signup) contact Open Dental Support. DO NOT contact Verizon directly.

4/5/2016: 2016 is the last year to start participation in the EHR Incentive Program (Medicaid). See Open Dental EHR for eligibility information.

4/1/2016: To sign up for eRx, contact support and schedule a setup appointment. See Electronic Rx.

4/1/2016: Healthy Smiles Ontario and British Columbia Pacific Blue Cross fee guides for 2016 are now available. See Canada Fee Schedules.

3/30/2016: Integrated texting has been added for Puerto Rico and Australia. See Integrated Texting.

1/21/2016: We have been notified by many customers that Demand Force/Intuit has called them claiming to be Open Dental's partner and with "Open Dental" showing on Caller ID. Open Dental is not associated in any way with Demand Force/Intuit and does not share your information for marketing purposes.

12/15/2015: In December 2015, Open Dental published its first newsletter. See Open Dental Newsletter.

12/15/2016: 2016 CDT codes available in version 15.3.37 and greater. See CDT Codes to update.

10/2015: e-Prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) is now available. See Electronic Rx.

10/7/2015: CMS has released a new final rule that affects providers who attest for meaningful use through 2017. The intent of the rule is to simplify reporting requirements. See EHR Modified Stage 2 for more details about how the rule affects providers.

2015: Better Care Systems (Mike Dillon) is not associated with Open Dental and does not sell an EHR-certified version of Open Dental. 

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