Auto Codes

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Auto Codes.

Auto codes work behind the scenes to insert and validate the correct procedure code depending on a variety of tooth conditions. Auto codes can be associated with Procedure Buttons. Open Dental comes preloaded with many auto codes, but you may want to add more.


To reset auto codes to the default settings, see Procedure Code Tools.

See our video: Procedure Buttons, Quick Buttons, and Auto Codes Webinar.

Add or Edit Auto Codes

Examples of auto codes you may want to add:

The auto codes listed above are the defaults.

Click Add, or double-click an auto code to edit.

All procedure codes associated with the auto code will list.

Enter the Description of this auto code.

Add each procedure code that should be associated with this auto code and define the conditions that will trigger it. All possible conditions must be defined for the auto code to work correctly. Composite example (above):

Most of the conditions are simply based on tooth number.

Other options: