Edit Claim - Status History Tab

Use the Status History tab to record data about a claim.

In the Claim Edit window, click the Status History tab.

The Status History tab is useful to track a claim status, such as why a claim hasn't been sent, why processing is delayed, etc.

Before you can add a status, you must first create and customize definitions.

This information does not show on printed claims or e-claims.

Add a Custom Track Status / Error Code

  1. Click Add.
  2. Custom Track Status: Click the dropdown to select a status.
  3. Error Code: Click the dropdown to select an error code. The long description of the error code displays in the text box below the dropdown.
    Note: To require an error code, check the preference in Family Module Preferences.
  4. Note: Optionally add a note that will show in the Log Note column. Right-click to insert Quick Paste Notes. Notes can be added or edited later by double-clicking on claim tracking status.
  5. Click Update to save.