Dental School Instructors

Each instructor should be added in Open Dental as a provider.

In Dental School Providers, double-click an existing Instructor to edit.

For Dental Schools, instructors are providers who can also fill out Dental Student Evaluations. Complete steps 1-4 on Dental Schools before adding the first instructor.

Note: Existing providers or students cannot be designated as instructors, instead create a new instructor.

To add instructors, in the Dental School Providers window, select the Instructors radio button, and click Add.

Enter the instructors information on the Edit Provider, General tab.

On the Dental Schools tab, enter the user name and password the instructor will use to Log On to Open Dental.

Click OK to save. New instructors are automatically assigned to the default instructor user group set in Dental School Setup.

To add other providers and students, see Dental School Providers and Dental School Students.