eClipboard: What Patient Sees

On an Android or iOS tablet, launch the eClipboard app.

Additional features can be used with eClipboard. Also see:

Patient Check-in

The check-in process varies depending on selected settings and forms.

If Allow self check-in is enabled, patients will start by entering their first name, last name, and birthdate. Preferred names will be taken into consideration if they are entered in the Edit Patient Information window.

Once entered, the patient will be asked to confirm the time of their appointment and provider.

  • The provider's preferred name will be used if entered in the Edit Provider window.
  • A warning will prompt the patient if the clinic assigned to the device differs from the clinic the patient is scheduled in.

Patient Authentication

If Require patients to complete authentication before showing sheets is enabled, the patient will be prompted to enter a code to verify their identity.

The patient will select their preferred way to receive the authentication code:

Once the code is received, the patient will be prompted to enter it. Enter the code, then click Submit to continue.

Check-in Checklist

Once at the Check-in Checklist, the patient can begin completing items. Items showing vary depending on eClipboard Settings selected. As items are completed, the red exclamation point turns to a green checkmark.

The patient will click on an item to complete it, then will be prompted to click Next to move on to the next item. Checklist items can include:

Return Screen

Once all items are submitted, a message will show requesting the patient return the device. You may customize the message in your eClipboard setup, Message to show patients after successful check-in.

Click Return to return to the Check-In screen, or wait 20 seconds and the app will automatically refresh.

Signup Portal Login

To associate eClipboard with your practice, enter the Signup Portal Credentials. These credentials are only needed the first time you login to eClipboard, or if you have manually logged out of eClipboard.

If using the same device between clinics, completely log out, then log in using the credentials for the needed clinic.


Click the menu icon in the upper left to open the menu.


Use the eClipboard Menu to view About information. The user will be required to enter their Open Dental credentials before information will display.

Device Name: The default name can be customized as needed to differentiate devices.