In the Main Toolbar, click Label.

Labels can be printed one at a time or by sheet. They can be customized in Sheets.

Click the Label dropdown to select a different label option.

Possible Dropdown Options Internal Sheet
Label Patient Mail Label Patient Mail
LName, FName, Address Label PatientLFAddress
Name, ChartNumber Label PatientLFChartNumber
Name, PatNum Label PatientLFPatNum
Radiograph Label Patient Radiograph
Label text Label text

Individual Labels

Individual labels are useful for single address labels for a patient, insurance carrier, referrals, or for labeling patient records.

To print labels one at a time use a special label printer. A dedicated label printer costs about $150-$200. Since it uses thermal printing technology, it requires special labels made specifically for thermal printers. It plugs into the USB port and requires some installation. Once you setup your label printer as a Windows printer, go to the Printer Setup on the workstation where you will be printing labels. Set labels to print on your new printer with no prompt.

There are several places where single labels can be printed. Labels do not display on the screen before printing and are not saved in the database.

Patient Labels: The label printed is determined by the label selected in Sheet Setup for Label assigned to patient button. By default, it is the internal Label Patient Mail.

Insurance Carrier Label

Labels for Referrals: In the toolbar, click the Labels dropdown, then click the Referral name.

Single Appointment Labels: In the Appointments Module, right click on an appointment and click Print Label.

Sheets of Labels

Print sheets of labels on a laser or inkjet printer. This method is useful when printing large quantities of labels for Recalls, birthday cards, etc., although many offices prefer laser postcards instead. The disadvantage to this method is leftover labels on the sheet that are hard to run through the printer again. The Recall List has built-in functionality for printing sheets of labels.

There is also a Laser Labels feature which can print labels for patients, insurance companies, and birthdays.

If you need sheets of labels for any other purpose, you have to create a report, export to a text file, and then merge into your own Word template.