Patient Forms

Patient Forms are types of Sheets that patients can complete electronically, such as registration forms, HIPAA forms, financial agreements, and medical histories.

In the Main Toolbar, click Forms.

Patients can complete the forms in one of the following ways:

Any Patient Forms or Medical Histories already generated for the patient show in this window. Images, PDFs, or other files that are in an Images category marked with a usage of Show in Patient Forms also show.

Double-click on a row to view the document or fill it out in the Fill Sheet window. From there, you can print it, email it, have the patient fill it out, or send it to the patient's list of forms.

Setup: Click Setup in the upper left corner, then select a menu option.

Add: Create a new form for this patient. All Sheets with a type of PatientForm or MedicalHistory are listed in Pick Sheet. Consent forms are also listed if the option is checked above.

Note: If no custom PatientForm sheets have been created, the internal Registration Form, Financial Agreement, HIPAA, and Consent forms list by default. When at least one custom sheet PatientForm exists, internal patient form sheet types are no longer listed. To get them to show, create a custom copy of each. If no custom MedicalHistory sheets have been created, the internal Medical History Simple is listed by default. When at least one custom MedicalHistory exists, only custom medical histories are listed.

Kiosk: Launch the Kiosk on this computer to allow patient to fill out forms. Alternatively, users can control a dedicated Kiosk from the Kiosk Manager.

Copy: Create a new copy of an existing form (useful when updating information).

Pre-Fill: Create a new form using information from the database and the selected patient form. See Pre-Fill Logic section below.

Import: Import completed form data into the database. See Import Patient Forms and Medical Histories.

Medical History Update

To have a patient review a previous medical history and make changes, highlight the most recent medical history and click Pre-Fill to open it. The pre-filled copy does not have a signature and does have today's date. Print it, send it to the Kiosk, or eClipboard, so the patient can make any changes and sign it. Changes are saved to the new form; they do not overwrite the original. Then import the new form, or enter the changed data.

Pre-Fill Logic