Fill Sheet

In Sheets, some are generated on-screen before printing, emailing, or saving.

These sheets can be filled in, edited, signed on the Fill Sheet window. Above is an example of a patient registration form.

Date time: Indicates the date and time the form is generated.

Description: Defaults to the sheet description set in Sheet Def Properties.

Internal Note: Enter any notes.

Show Order in Kiosk: If adding this form to the Kiosk queue, enter the form's order in the queue. See Kiosk Manager.

Eraser Tool: Check the box to turn the pointer into an eraser then click and drag, or use the stylus, to erase a drawing. A drawing is defined as a continuous curved line without lifting the pen, so a continuous line is considered a single object. Uncheck to turn the eraser off.

Print/Email: Print and/or email the form.

If email is selected, the form or letter will be converted to a PDF and attached to the outgoing email.

Click OK. Paper copies are sent directly to the printer. Once printed or emailed, the form is archived in the database for later reference. Forms can be viewed at the bottom of the Account module or in the Chart module.

Print: Click Print to send the form directly to the printer. Prints one copy at a time.

Email: Click Email to open the Edit Email Message window with a PDF attached to the outgoing email. Finish sending the email from this window. See Email Message Edit.

Create PDF: Generate a PDF version of the form.

Change Patient: Associate the sheet with a different patient. Select the patient then click OK to move the sheet. It will be viewable in the new patient's Progress Notes. Changing patients will not change or affect any information in the sheet (e.g. patient name).

Delete: Remove a sheet. The Sheet Delete security permission is required.

Restore: Deleted sheets have a Restore option. To restore a deleted sheet, double click it in Audit mode to open the Fill Sheet window, then click Restore.

Unlock: Applies to forms with an electronic signature box. Once a sheet is signed, it locks. Only users with the Sheet Edit security permission can unlock it.