Fill Sheet

Sheets can be filled in, edited, signed on the Fill Sheet window.

In Patient Forms double-click an existing form to edit.

The Fill Sheet window will also open when:

Above is an example of a patient registration form.

Fill Sheet Options

The following displays for any form being filled.

Note: If a signature is required for the selected sheet, changes to editable options (e.g., Show Order In Kiosk, Description, etc.) can only be saved if the form is signed.

Add Field

Additional Pat Image fields can be added to a sheet.

To add a new field in the Fill Sheet window:

  1. Click Add Field. The Add Field window opens.
  2. Click Pat Image to add the field to the sheet. The Edit Image Field window will open. Currently, Pat Image is the only field type that can be added. Additional field types may be available in the future.
  3. Click Change to select a document or mount that has been uploaded to the patient's Imaging Module. Change X Pos and Y Pos to change the position of the image on the sheet. Change the Width and Height to change the size of the image. Click OK to add the field to the sheet.
  4. To edit the field after it has been added to the sheet, double-click the image from the sheet. The Edit Image Field window is opened again.

Select Procedures

Sheets that include the ProcsWithFee or ProcsNoFee grid will prompt to select procedures before opening the Fill Sheet window.

Select one or more procedures from the list, then click OK to add procedures to the sheet. Only procedures treatment planned or completed for the selected patient are listed.

To generate a sheet without the grid, click Cancel.


Note: When a Consent Form with these one of these grids is generated from the Treatment Plan Module, this window is skipped. Only procedures already highlighted in the Treatment Plan are included on the sheet.