Appointments Report

In Standard Reports, in the Lists section, click Appointments.

The Appointments report is a list of all appointments for a date or date range, and for all or specific providers or clinics. It can also be used to track which appointments made using Web Sched Recall, Web Sched New Patient, or Web Sched ASAP (see Web Sched Feature).



Set the report criteria and filters before running the report.

Providers: Select the providers to include. Ctrl + click to select multiple providers. Check All to include all listed providers. Filters by the provider or hygienist assigned to appointment.

Clinics: Select clinics to include in the report. Ctrl + click to select multiple clinics or check All (includes hidden) to include all clinics, including those marked hidden.

Date Range: Enter the date range of appointments to include.

Web Sched Appointments Only: If using Web Sched, track which appointments were scheduled using each service by filtering the report. Selecting any of these options will result in only appointments that meet the criteria to be included in the report. All other appointments (e.g., non-Web Sched) will be excluded.

Report Preview

After setting the report filters, click OK to generate a print preview the report. Below is an example of the report and explanation of the report columns. For a description of toolbar buttons, see Complex Report System.

Results are grouped by clinic and date.