Monthly Production Goal Report

The Monthly Production Goal report compares production goals with actual production.

In Standard Reports, in the Production and Income section, click Monthly Production Goal.

Production goals can be set from the Edit Provider window.

Report Filters

Set the report filters and criteria before running the report.

Providers: Select the providers to include on the report, or check All to include all providers, including those marked Hidden on Reports.

Clinics: Select clinics to include in the report. Ctrl + click to select multiple clinics or check All (includes hidden) to include all clinics, including those marked hidden.

Date Range: Select the date range criteria.

Show Insurance Write-offs:


After setting report criteria, click OK to generate the report. Below is an example of the report and explanation of the report columns.

For a description of toolbar buttons, see Complex Report System.

  • While write-offs are displayed as a negative amount in the grid, that is only for visual emphasis. This does not result in negative amounts being subtracted in the production totals using the equations defined above.
  • Occasionally, this report may change if a patients Treatment Plan has not been viewed. Once viewed, the report will refresh with the new discount information.