Required Fields

Using Required Fields, you can prompt staff to complete certain fields when entering patient information or insurance payments.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Required Fields.


How it works:

Some fields are filled in automatically or will not trigger a popup.

Mark Fields as Required

Field Type: Select which area to apply required fields to.

Available fields: Lists all fields that can be marked required. Field options vary depending on which options are enabled in Show Features.

Required fields: Lists all fields currently marked required. Click on a field to view a description of the requirement under the grid.

Conditions: (optional) Add specific conditions that require a field to be completed. An X will show in the Conditions column.

Highlight an available field, then click the right arrow to add it to the Required Fields list. To select multiple fields at once, press Shift + click. To remove a required field, select it and click the left arrow.

Optional: Set specific conditions that require a field to be completed.

Click OK to save required field settings.

Validation of Medicaid ID and State

If Medicaid is turned on in Show Features, the MedicaidID and MedicaidState fields list as Available Fields. In addition to designating the fields as required, you can also turn on validation that ensures the number of digits in the Medicaid ID is correct for the entered state.

  1. Add MedicaidID and MedicaidState to the Required Fields list.
  2. Highlight MedicaidState.
  3. Check Validate the number of digits in MedicaidID to be correct for that state to turn on validation. When checked, a Medicaid ID Length column will also show in the state abbreviation list. See State Abbreviations to enter the number of digits in a Medicaid ID by state.

How Medicaid ID validation works: When user clicks OK on the Edit Patient Information window, Open Dental will check if the number of digits entered for Medicaid ID matches the Medicaid ID Length entered for the state in the State Abbreviations list. If not, the user will be warned that required fields are missing or incorrect. If they return to the window (click Cancel), a red exclamation point will show next to the State field. Hovering over the field will show a message that indicates the required ID length.