Add Family

This is a quick way to add multiple patients for one family all together.

In Select Patient, click Add Many.

  • If a family member was already entered, to not use this window. Add additional family members in the Family Module instead.
  • Prompt staff to complete certain fields using Required Fields marked with an *.

Each family member is represented by an information column (last name, first name, gender/position, birthdate/age etc). The last three columns are designated for children. If there are more than five family members, add additional members in the Family Module. The guarantor is the person who is responsible for the account. To reduce data entry, some guarantor information will automatically populate for other family members.

If adding a patient that matches an existing patient with the same first name, last name, and date of birth users receive a warning before continuing.

Fields in this window match most fields in the Edit Patient Information. Below are details specific to this window: