eServices Signup Basic

The Basic View is a simple view of eService sign up options.

In eServices Signup, click Basic View.

This view opens by default when there is only one location / clinic.

  • Fees displayed on the screenshot above may not be current. Refer to Fees for Support and Services for the most up-to-date pricing.
  • For Open Dental Cloud users, this window opens in a new web browser session.

Navigation, Clinic, and Access

Texting and Mobile Settings

eServices Signup Grid

The signup grid displays each service and whether the practice/clinic is currently signed up.

Integrated Texting Options

There are two options available when signing up for integrated texting service.


Regarding the Use my Landline # selection:

  • Customers using VOIP numbers may experience a delay in service and should work directly with Open Dental support. A Letter of Authorization is required to use landline texting.
  • Only United States and Canadian numbers work with this option. Mobile and some VOIP numbers are not supported.
  • In rare cases, your telecomm provider may not support landline texting. Additionally, your telecomm provider may change suppliers at some time after you have signed up. This may result in your number no longer being available for this service, as not all suppliers support landline texting. In cases like these we can provide your practice with an alternate number utilizing a local area code.