eServices Signup Basic

The Basic View is a simple view of eService sign up options.

In eServices Signup, click Basic View.

This view opens by default when there is only one location / clinic.

  • Fees displayed on the screenshot above may not be current. Refer to Fees for Support and Services for the most up-to-date pricing.
  • For Open Dental Cloud users, this window will open in a new web browser session.

Clinic: If there are multiple clinics, a Clinic dropdown shows in the upper left. Select the clinic you want to view or edit currently signed up services. Each clinic can sign up for different services

Permission Level: The security permission level of the logged-on user. Users with the Security Admin permission can change eService settings. Users without this permission have read-only access.

Country Code: Used for Integrated Texting Feature only and determines texting phone number and per message fees. Select the country the practice is in. If you do not see your country, contact Open Dental support to see if the service is available.

SMS Warning Amount: Applies to Integrated Texting. Enter the amount to spend on outgoing text messages per month (in U.S. dollars, minimum $1.00). If you reach this amount, you will be unable to manually send text messages until the amount is increased or a new billing cycle begins. This amount is specific to the clinic selected. This amount does not apply to or stop automated eReminders, eConfirmations, or Web Sched Recall messages.

Mobile Settings: Click to create login and registration details for use with the eClipboard and Open Dental mobile apps.

If using Clinics, each clinic will have their own set of login credentials.

Register with Carriers: Required for all texting users. See Register with Carriers.

Note: Practices must complete registration before making any changes in the Signup Portal. For those using clinics, this includes signing up new clinics. Once registration is complete, you will be able to make changes again.

eService, Price, Sign Up/Status

Total: As you select eServices, the total $ amount will update to reflect new charges. Click + to expand the total to list fees for each clinic:

Save: Apply eService changes. Charges will be reflected in your next statement.

Integrated Texting Options

There are two options available when signing up for integrated texting service:

Auto Generate #: Select this option to have a new number automatically assigned to your office for use with Integrated Texting.

Offices in the United States and Canada have the additional option of requesting a local number. Click into the red outlined phone number field and the window below will appear:

Enter your area code and click OK. This option is only available in the Basic View of the Signup Portal. Complete the signup process by making sure a monthly texting limit is entered above, and click the Save button at the bottom.

Use my Landline #: Select this option to sign up for the Integrated Texting service with your existing landline phone number. This is limited to Open Dental clients located in the United States and Canada.

Note: Customers using VOIP numbers may experience a delay in service and should work directly with Open Dental support. Please complete and return this Letter of Authorization to

The increased price for using a landline number for Integrated Texting or eConfirmations will display in green. The eService Bundle price remains the same.

When you click into the phone number field the following window will appear:

Enter your current landline phone number and click OK. Your number will be subject to an eligibility check and a verification process to ensure a number you do not own is not used in error.

  • Only United States and Canadian numbers will work with this option. Mobile and some VOIP numbers are not supported.
  • In rare cases, your telecomm provider may not support landline texting. Additionally, your telecomm provider may change suppliers at some time after you have signed up. This may result in your number no longer being available for this service, as not all suppliers support landline texting. In cases like these we can provide your practice with an alternate number utilizing a local area code.

If you experience any errors while attempting to sign up please contact our Support Team to assist you.

For general usage information see: Texting.