Statement Layout

In Sheets, double-click a Custom Sheet.

Statement, Invoice, and Receipt can be customized by setting up a Sheet with a Statement type. The same custom sheet will be used for all statements, invoices, and receipts, with only the title and relevant information changing depending on which document is generated.

Set up a Statement Sheet

The custom statement sheet listed first alphabetically in Sheets setup will be used. For example, if there are two custom statements named Custom Statement and Walkout Statement, Custom Statement will be used because it comes first alphabetically. If there is no custom statement, the internal sheet will be used.

Copy a sheet or create a new one.

Change the sheet as needed.

There are additional options that are only available for sheets with a Statement type. A few are described below.

Grids: There are five grids that can be added to a sheet.

Payment Options: When adding Static Text Fields, there is an additional 'Is Payment Options' checkbox. When checked, this designates the field for inclusion when payment information is included in a statement, invoice, or receipt. The checkbox 'Hide payment options' on the Statement window determines if payment information is included or not.

Output Text Fields: See Sheet Output Text Field.