XCharge Setup

Set up XCharge for payment integration.

In the Payment window, right-click XCharge. From the menu displayed, click Settings.


Note: XCharge (OpenEdge) was a previous option available through Global Payments Integrated. Existing XCharge installations can still be used, though Global Payments Integrated no longer supports it. Users should contact Global Payments Integrated to switch to EdgeExpress, an updated payment processing option.

To set up different credentials for Clinics using different merchant accounts, see XCharge Setup for Clinics.


First, contact XCharge to install the XCharge client program. Once installed:

Check the Enabled box.

Enter the Program Path to the XCharge.exe.

Select the Payment Settings.

(optional) Enter XWeb settings to enable Online Payments and/or Automatic Recurring Charges.

Click OK to save settings.

Installing X-Charge with a Terminal

Below are some points to consider based on a user's experience installing the XCharge server using a terminal.