XCharge (OpenEdge)

XCharge, also known as OpenEdge, is an integrated Credit Card program that can be used to process credit and debit card transactions. To also process check payments, sign up for the OpenEdge check service.

Website: https://openedgepayments.com/opendental/

United States:

Canada: 800-338-6614

Note: Make sure to have a back up plan in place for the XCharge server after enabling the service. The XCharge server is not included in the Open Dental manual back up feature.

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EMV Transactions

To process transactions for credit cards with computer chips (EMV transactions) use XCharge version 8.1.1 or greater and a compatible terminal. Terminal options include:

Decline Minimizer

The decline minimizer is a feature that automatically updates expired and outdated card information to reduce declined payments (for participating credit card brands). When a card is automatically updated, the XC Account ID Updated is updated in the payment note transaction details. The patient still needs to be contacted to update the information saved in the Credit Card Manage list.

To add this feature at no additional cost, contact XCharge. No additional set up is required in Open Dental.