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The ASAP list shows patients who have a scheduled appointment that is also marked 'ASAP', meaning they would like an earlier appointment if one becomes available. From the ASAP List, you can quickly notify patients about available openings or reschedule appointments.

Hints: Sign up for these eServices to easily send and manage ASAP notifications:

  • Web Sched ASAP: Send ASAP messages about available openings and allow patient to reschedule online.
  • Integrated Texting: Send text messages about ASAP openings.

Mark Appointments as ASAP
Reschedule an Appointment from the ASAP List

Send notifications about available openings:

Open the ASAP List
In the Appointments module, click the Appointment List icon  in the upper right, then click ASAP.

All appointments currently marked ASAP will show.

Double click an appointment to view appointment details on the Edit Appointment window.

To narrow results, select other filter criteria then click Refresh to update.

  • Provider: Only view appointments for a specific Provider.
  • Clinic: Only view appointments for a specific Clinic.
  • Site: Only view appointments for a specific Site.

Right click an appointment to view quick options:

  • Select Patient: Open the patient's record with the current module active.
  • See Chart: Open the patient's record with the Chart module active.
  • Send to Pinboard: Send the appointment to the Pinboard.
  • Remove from ASAP: Remove the appointment's ASAP status, thus removing it from the ASAP List.

Text: Only available when Integrated Texting is enabled. See Send an ASAP Text Message.

Web Sched ASAP Sign up/ Send / History:

Print List: Print the entire ASAP list as it appears on-screen.

Note: The ASAP List can remain open while you open other areas of Open Dental.

Mark Appointments as ASAP
Once an appointment is scheduled, it can also be marked 'ASAP'. The ASAP status is indicated on the Edit Appointment window.

Check or uncheck the box to add/remove the appointment from the ASAP List.


  • To quickly mark an appointment as ASAP from the Appointments schedule, right click, then select Mark as ASAP.
  • To add ASAP to the appointment box or bubble, add ASAP to the appointment view. See Edit Appointment View.

Reschedule an Appointment from the ASAP List

  1. In the ASAP List, right click on the appointment, then click Send to Pinboard.
  2. In the Appointments module, drag the appointment from the Pinboard to the new time and day.

Note: Rescheduling an appointment using this method will not change its ASAP status.

Send an ASAP Text Message
To enable this option, sign up for Integrated Texting. To send a Web Sched ASAP message, see Send Web Sched ASAP Messages.

  1. (Optional) In the ASAP List grid, highlight the patient(s) to send a text message to.

    Note: If you select patients before clicking Text, only those patients will be texted. If you do not select patients first and click Text, all patients with a wireless number will be auto-selected.

  2. Click Text.

  1. Enter the date and time of the available appointment, then click OK.

  1. Review the text message and modify if needed. The default text message is the Text Manual message. See Customize ASAP Messages.
  2. Click Send. A commlog will be added to each patient's account.


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