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Merge Patients 

The Merge Patients tool can be used to merge duplicate patient accounts into one. Patient first name, last name, and birthdate do not need to match.

  1. In the main menu, click Tools, Misc Tools, Merge Patients.

  1. Click Change to select the patient accounts. 
    Patient to merge into: The patient account that will remain. If you bridge to an imaging software, the patient account linked to the images should be retained.
    Patient to merge from: The patient account that will be merged into the top patient.

  2. Click Merge. A message will show when the merge is successful. If the patient first name, last name, and birthdate do not match, a warning message will pop up. Click Yes to merge the patients anyway, or No to cancel.

After the merge:

  • The status of the Patient to merge from will change to 'Archived". It can still be accessed via the Select Patient window by selecting the Show Archived/Deceased checkbox, and in the Family module, Family Member list. 
  • Duplicate information (e.g. insurance, recall) will need manual clean up after the merge.
  • History for both the merge 'from' and 'to' patient can be viewed in the Audit Trail.
  • As a second step, consider deleting the patient in the Family module.


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