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New Versions:

Version 23.2 - New permissions. New program links.

(beta) - Version 23.3 - Enhancements to frequency limitations. Additional preferences.


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02/22/2024 - We have received a report of Retrace (also known as Retrace Dental and Retrace Labs) claiming to be a fully integrated partner with Open Dental. Retrace is not partnered with Open Dental in any way. This service writes back unauthorized data directly to the Open Dental database which is dangerous. Open Dental is advising practices not to use Retrace.

02/22/2024 - Change Healthcare has been hit by a cyberattack and has been down for the past two days. This is affecting all of their services. There is no ETA on when Change Healthcare is expected to be fully functional again. To switch to a different clearinghouse, see our Clearinghouse List.

02/22/2024 - The Change Healthcare cyberattack is also affecting many pharmacies across the US. Electronic prescriptions may not go through or may error out. Providers may need to try sending prescriptions to another pharmacy.

02/23/2024 - EDS is currently experiencing connectivity issues with claims, attachments, eligibility requests, and ERA delivery. Users may receive an error when attempting to use these services. There is no ETA on when these issues will be resolved.

11/22/2023 - The latest Open Dental User Newsletter has been released. See company announcements, new feature highlights, tips and tricks, and more.

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