Canada Install and Setup

For Canada users, see the information below to assist with setup and installation.

Install Database and Claim Form

Set the Region and Language on all workstations to Canada, then install the Trial Version. The Canadian database and claim form will be automatically installed.

Claims needed for an American patient must be sent via a paper claim using the ADA claim form. We are not allowed to distribute the ADA claim form by law, so it must be purchased from the ADA instead.


Dentists send electronic claims using ITRANS 2.0.

Hygiene-Only offices use Claimstream (also known as the TELUS integration) to send claims. Hygiene providers do not need to sign up with Instream.

Tooth Numbering/Surfaces

In Preferences, the Tooth Nomenclature preference will be set to FDI Notation. Supernumerary teeth can be entered as 99.

In the United States:

In Canada:

Ontario Dentist Unique Identification Numbers (UIN)

We are aware of the UIN changes for newly licensed dentists in Ontario (may begin with the digits 36, in addition to 06 and 56). Currently Open Dental only checks a provider number to ensure it is exactly 9 digits before allowing claims to be sent electronically. It does not check for a particular digit or format. With the UIN change, provider numbers will remain 9 digits long. Thus Ontario dentists should experience no issues when sending claims from Open Dental.


If a practice is using the Clinics feature, make sure to use a different provider for each dentist/clinic combination. Each dentist is assigned an office number on the Edit Provider window. See, Canada Provider Setup. So if a dentist is at two offices, the only way to enter two office numbers is to use two separate providers.

Privacy Laws

Open Dental only stores personal data for a short time when running conversions or for web forms not yet collected by the office. This information is encrypted, secure, and deleted after the amount of time required to perform the service.