Batch Insurance Payment

In the Manage Module, click Batch Ins.

This window is for entering a large batch of claims on a single EOB. For a smaller batch or single claim, see Finalize Insurance Payment

Large batch insurance payment entry is useful when there are many claims on a single EOB or when multiple users enter payments at the same time. There are two different ways to enter large batch payments.

Supplemental payment amounts can only be received in the Account module. See Supplemental Insurance Payments. Once received, it can be attached to a batch payment.

Create the Payment and Attach Claims

Payments already entered are listed. If a payment has only been partially entered, an X shows in the Partial column. Simply double-click a payment to continue. If the EOB has been scanned, an X shows in the Scanned column.

To filter the list of payments, select criteria at the top, then click Refresh.

Click Add to create a new payment.

Enter the payment information.

Click OK to save details and proceed.

Payment Details: Information entered on the previous window. Click Edit to change.

All Outstanding Claims: All claims with a sent status or unfinalized payment for the insurance carrier.

If needed, attach claims that haven't been received:

  1. Double-click on the claim to open the Edit Claim window.
  2. Receive the claim By Procedure or As Total amount.
  3. Enter payment amounts. Click OK.

  4. Click OK on the Edit Claim window. The claim will automatically move to the Attached to this Payment grid and the Total Payment amount will auto-calculate.

If a claim is already received, simply highlight the claim, then click Attach.

  • Right-click, then click Go To to quickly jump to the Account Module with that specific claim highlighted.
  • To sort claims in the Attached to this Payment grid (e.g in the order of the EOB), click the Up/Down arrows on the far left. By default claims are sorted in the order the claims were entered.
  • Click Attach/Detach to add or remove claims from the Attached to this Payment grid.

Click Scan EOB to upload an EOB. If an EOB has already been uploaded the button will show View EOB. See Scan EOB.

When the correct claims are attached, and the payment Amount and Total Payments match, click Close.

If payment amounts don't match, then clicking Close marks the batch payment as partial. Simply double-click a partial batch payment to continue. When payment amounts match, clicking Close locks the payment. To make changes, users must delete the batch payment and re-enter.

Batch insurance payments can be accessed from the Batch Insurance window, or viewed by claim via the Account module (Edit Claim window).

Correct a Batch Payment

  1. In the Manage Module, click Batch Ins.
  2. Find the check to edit, and double-click to open it.
  3. Click Edit in the upper right.
  4. Change the amount of the check by a penny and click OK. This will cause a mismatch between the paid amounts and check amount. When prompted, click OK to continue.
  5. Re-open the payment. Detach claims as needed.
    • Double-click claims to open Edit Claim and edit payment information as needed.
  6. Once claims have been edited, reattach them to the payment.
  7. Edit the payment amount so the check total matches the paid amounts.
  8. Close the check to finalize again.

Questions & Answers

What if I cannot enter (receive) all of the claims that make up my bulk check/payments and I need to leave for the day?

Do not finalize the payment until you finish receiving all the claims. This way all claim payments will have the same payment date.

We have multiple people entering payments. How can we make sure the payments balance?

Assign payment groups to each payment. This will group payments together. Then run the Daily Payments Report by payment group.