Exam Sheet

Exam sheets are used to track findings during exams.

In the Chart Module toolbar, click Exam Sheet.

Users can create multiple exam sheets and customize them with their own layout and content.

Exam sheets for a patient can be generated in the patient's Chart Module.

The Exam Sheets grid is a dated log of any exam sheets that have already been created for this patient.

Fill Sheet

Below is an example of the internal Exam Sheet. Pale yellow areas indicate data entry areas.

Note: Exam sheets can remain open while working in other windows. If changes are made to the exam sheet by another user while the sheet is open, the last user to click OK will be prompted to overwrite the other user's changes or cancel the current changes.

Print/Email: Print and email the exam sheet. By default, paper copies will be 1 and the Email to patient box will not be checked. If an email is entered for the patient, it will show. Change the settings as needed then click OK.

Create PDF: Save a PDF copy of the exam sheet to the computer.

Print: Print a copy of the Exam Sheet.

Email: Attaches exam sheet to an Email to send from Open Dental.

Delete: Delete this exam sheet.

Save: Click to save changes while keeping the sheet open.

OK: Click to save changes and close the sheet.

Cancel: Click to cancel out of sheet without saving changes.