Time Clock

In the Manage Module, at the upper-right, is the Time Clock area.

Employees can use the time clock to clock in and out of work.

Before using the time clock, the following tasks must be completed.

  1. Add employees. See Employees.
  2. Create user profiles for each employee. See User Edit.
  3. Add pay periods in Time Card Setup.

See also Webinar: Time Cards.

By default, the time displayed is the time of the server (the computer running the MySQL program). To use a workstation's local time instead, see Miscellaneous Setup.

Clock in: Click an employee, then Clock In.

Clock out: Click an employee, select a status (Home, Lunch, Break), then click Clock Out For.

If an employee edits a time card so the clock out event happens in the future, the status will show as Manual Entry.

A clock event row will be created in the time card each time you clock in. If a pay period doesn't exist, attempts to clock in trigger an alert.

When using clinics, the clinic selected in the main menu determines which employees are listed. When clocking in, this clinic is associated to the clock in event and subsequent clock out events.

Other options:


Employee doesn't list in the time clock.

Make sure the employee is added to the Employee List and not marked hidden.

Clock events are not displaying on time cards.

In Time Card Setup, check that a pay period is set up for the current date. Clock events only show if a pay period exists for today.

Employee is listed, but can't clock in.

Associate the employee to a user in Security.