Web Sched Existing Patient: What Patient Sees

When using Web Sched Existing Patient, what a patient sees depends on the selected settings.

Patient Prompts

When a patient has been seen at the office before, they will be prompted to enter their first name, last name, and birthdate.

View Openings

After clicking View Openings, patients can select the date and time of their appointment.

Schedule Appointment

After clicking Finalize Appt, the patient will be prompted to confirm the date and time.

Then the patient must verify their identity.

Once verified, a confirmation will display.

Carrier Rules

If Web Sched Carrier Rules are enabled, the patient will be prompted to select an insurance carrier.

After selecting their appointment date and time, the patient will be prompted to enter additional insurance details.

Carrier details will display as an appointment note on the scheduled appointment.

In Open Dental

After an appointment is scheduled via Web Sched Existing Patient:

Use the Web Sched Appointments Report to view and track appointments scheduled using Web Sched.