Web Sched New Patient: What Patient Sees

Below is a description of what a patient will see when all Web Sched New Patient interface options are enabled and they try to schedule their first appointment.

  • Some interface options are optional; see Web Sched New Patient to make changes.
  • To see an example of Web Sched embedded in a website, see Sample Website.
    • This is only provided as an example of how the Patient Viewer can be embedded in a website to enhance its appearance. Open Dental is not able to embed or manage custom websites for your practice. Your IT and/or webmaster are your best resource if you wish to have Web Sched New Patient embedded in your site.

Eligibility Prompts

When prompts are enabled, the patient will first be asked a series of questions to determine their eligibility to schedule.

Question 1: Has this patient had an appointment with us before?

Question 2: Is the patient 18 years or older?

Question 3: Are you the parent or legal guardian of the minor patient?

Proceed to Scheduling

Patient completes basic information and selects an available time slot.

Reason for appointment: Patient will select the reason for the appointment. The reason determines the appointment's procedures, length, and time pattern.

Select a Provider: If you have opted to allow patients to select a provider, and more than one provider has available openings, patient can select a provider. To view a provider photo and description, click +. Click - to collapse provider information. +/- only shows when provider details have been added to the provider's profile on the Provider, Web Sched tab. There is no particular order of providers.

Calendar: Patient selects a day and time, based on available time slots.

Guardian / Patient Info: Guardian or patient enters basic contact information.

Schedule Appointment: Patient clicks Schedule Appointment.

If Verify Email or Verify Text is turned on, patient will be prompted to verify their identity with a verification code.

Patient can select to receive the code via text, email, or both. Clicking Send will generate the code.

On the Enter Verification Code window, patient must enter the code correctly, then click Verify to proceed. Code is not case-sensitive and is only valid as long as the Enter Verification Code window is open.

If patient information meets requirements (new patient, 18 or over), a message will indicate scheduling success.

If you have set up web form to show after the appointment is scheduled, it will show instead.

If you have added a redirect URL to the code, the redirect URL will show instead.

In Open Dental

Scheduled appointments instantly show up in the Appointments Module.

Alerts are created to notify staff a new patient appointment has been scheduled.

Use the Web Sched Appointments Report to view and track appointments scheduled using Web Sched.