Credit Card Payment

In the Payment window, at the upper right, is the Credit Card area.

To process a credit/debit card payment, enter the payment details in the Payment window then select a card from the Credit Card dropdown. To directly withdraw from a patient's checking or savings account (ACH payment), select the PaySimple ACH account instead. Or select New Card to enter new account information.

Apply to Recurring Charge: For patients with Authorized Recurring Charges, check to apply this payment to their next Recurring Charge.

Click X-Charge, PayConnect, or PaySimple to initiate the Credit Card processor. If multiple card processing programs are enabled, and a card or account is selected, use the program listed next to the number to process the payment. Otherwise, you will be prompted to enter new card or account information.

After the card or account has been processed, the Credit Card Transaction Details will be automatically added to the payment note. It will indicate successful or declined transactions.

Click Print Receipt or E-mail Receipt on the payment window to manually send a receipt generated from the credit card processor. These receipts can also be set to automatically print after a successful transaction, see XCharge Setup or PayConnect Setup. To print a receipt that shows patient account information, see Receipt.

Click OK to post the payment to the patient account.

  • When a payment transaction is declined, click cancel or try again. Clicking OK will post the transaction amount to the account.
  • Cancel will automatically void this payment transaction.