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Employee Leaving the Practice

If an employee leaves your practice, here are some steps you can follow. If using the Time Card feature, do not hide or delete any employees until payroll has been processed.

  1. Employee List: Mark the employee as 'hidden'.
  2. Security: Mark the user as 'hidden". Users cannot be hidden if they have the 'Security Admin' permission.
  3. Schedules: Remove the employee from the daily schedule. Use the Copy Day/Copy Week feature to change future days as needed.
  4. Task Lists: Employee task lists can be renamed or reassigned to a new user. To remove it as a "To Task List" option, right click on the list, click Edit Properties, then set the Object Type as 'None'.

If a provider (doctor or hygienist) is leaving, there are additional steps to follow.

  1. Operatories: If the provider is assigned to an operatory, change the provider, or select none. 
  2. Provider List:
    • Move the provider's patients to a different provider.
    • Mark the provider as 'hidden'. This will remove the provider as a selection option for appointments and procedures, and it will delete any future Schedule for the provider.
    • Manually remove the provider from future appointments (you will need to select a different provider) or use the Update Provs on Future Appts Tool to reassign all appointments for a specific operatory to the scheduled provider.


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