Employee Leaving

If an employee leaves your practice, here are some steps you can follow.

Note: If using the Time Clock, do not hide or delete any employees until payroll has been processed.

  1. Task List and Inbox: Employee task lists can be renamed or reassigned to a new user. To remove it as a To Task List option, right click on the list, click Edit Properties, then set the Object Type as None.
  2. Schedule Setup: Remove the employee from the daily schedule. Use the Copy Day/Copy Week feature to change future days as needed.
  3. Employees: Mark the employee as hidden.
  4. Security: Mark the user as hidden. Users cannot be hidden if they have the Security Admin permission.

Provider Leaving

If a Provider (doctor or hygienist) is leaving, there are additional steps to follow.

  1. Operatories: If the provider is assigned to an operatory, change the provider, or select none.
  2. Appointment Views: Remove the provider bar from any appointment views.
  3. Move Patients: Move the provider's patients to a different provider.
  4. Provider Edit: Mark the provider as hidden. This will remove the provider as a selection option for appointments and procedures, and it will delete any future schedule for the provider.
  5. Manually remove the provider from future appointments (you will need to select a different provider) or use the Update Provs on Future Appts to reassign all appointments for a specific operatory to the scheduled provider.