Close Out Month

There's nothing that you officially have to do to close out a month in Open Dental. All your financials roll over when the calendar changes, and so does Open Dental. There is also no close out process at the New Year.

At the end of the month, you may want to check the following:

If you use PPO Percentage plan types when you set up insurance plans, you have the option to track write-offs on the date of service or the date of insurance payment. By default, Open Dental applies write-offs to production when the insurance payment is made (see Report Setup: Misc Settings). The advantage to this method is that history won't be changed if the write-offs were incorrect at the time of treatment planning. If you use this method, you should also use a global lock date to prevent users from editing previous entries (procedures, patient payments, insurance payments, adjustments, and exam sheets). The global lock date also disallows the backdating of new items. See Security Lock Dates.

The following reports can be run anytime, but should be run at least once a month, if not more. They are key to keeping your insurance revenue coming in. You should make sure that claims are getting created, sent, and paid.

The Billing List and the Recall List should also be run at least once a month. both lists are designed to not send statements or reminders to patients who have had contact within the month. Thus you can run them daily if you wish knowing that patients will have a month before they get another statement or recall reminder (you can change the default interval as well).