Chart orthodontic hardware and track ortho treatment progress from the Ortho tab.

In the Chart Module, click the Ortho tab.

Users can choose to see only information relating to the patient's orthodontic treatment and hide general chart notes and procedures.

In Ortho Setup, enable Show Ortho button and tab in Chart module to use this feature.


Tooth chart ortho mode: Determines the view of the odontogram.

Show Ortho grids: Determine if the ortho grids or progress notes are shown.

Note: When Automatically check and uncheck ortho mode and show grid checkboxes based on selection of Ortho tab, is enabled in Preferences, Tooth Chart ortho mode and Show Ortho grids are automatically checked when opening the Ortho tab and unchecked upon exiting the Ortho tab.

Show Graphics: Determine if ortho graphics (e.g., brackets) are shown on the Graphical Tooth Chart.

Show Hidden: Determine if Ortho graphics marked hidden are displayed on the Graphical Tooth Chart when Show Graphics is checked.

Show Exam Date: The exam date corresponding to the hardware listed in the Hardware tab. Click to view a different exam date. Adding new hardware, prescriptions, or copying from an existing exam will create a new exam with today's date.


Prescriptions: Click to add new Ortho Prescriptions to the patient. The Select Ortho Prescription window will open.

Add Single: Select teeth and click to add Ortho Hardware. The Add Ortho Hardware window will open.

Hide / Unhide: Select hardware items from the grid and click Hide to remove graphics from the tooth chart. Select hardware items again and click Unhide to display hardware on the tooth chart again.

Delete: Select hardware items from the grid and click to delete. Press Ctrl + click or click and drag to choose multiple items.

Copy: Select an exam date and hardware items from the grid and click to copy to today's date. Press Ctrl + click to choose multiple items. If no items are selected, all items from the previous exam date will be copied to today's date.

Hardware Tab

Displays all hardware information for the selected exam date.

Double-click a hardware item to edit information or delete hardware.

Right-click selected rows to delete hardware.

Ortho Chart Tab

Displays the Ortho Chart.

Double-click to launch the Ortho Chart window. From here, users can edit or add a new entry to the Ortho Chart.