Sign and Print Payment Plan

In a Payment Plan, at the bottom, is a Sign & Print button.

Terms for Payment Plans can be electronically signed by the patient and printed. Electronic Signatures are only an option when using a custom printed payment plan layout that has a signature box. See Payment Plan Layout.

Electronically Sign Terms

When using a custom Payment Plan Sheet that has a signature box, the terms can be electronically signed before printing or saving. Pay Plans use Sheets must be checked in the Account Module Preferences.

After the initial setup is complete, a Sign & Print button will appear below the amortization schedule on the Payment Plan.

Click Sign & Print to preview the payment plan terms and electronically sign.

Sign the terms.

Click a button to save, print, email the terms.

PDF versions of saved payment plans are saved in the Images module in the folder designated for payment plans (Definitions: Image Categories).

Invalidated signatures: If terms on a signed payment plan are changed or the layout of the sheet changes, the signature will invalidate. To re-sign:

  1. Click View & Print.
  2. Click Unlock to unlock the sheet (Sheet Edit security Permission required).
  3. Click X to clear the invalidated signature.
  4. Sign the terms.

Print Terms (without signing)

If using the classic payment plan layout, or an electronic signature does not exist on the custom payment plan sheet, a Print button shows below the amortization schedule. Click Print to preview the terms.