Billing Defaults

Billing Defaults affect options when generating monthly billing.

In Billing, click Defaults.

Alternatively, in the Billing List, at the lower right, click Defaults for a limited view that only allows changing the Electronic Billing section.

Additional billing preferences can be found in Preferences.


Set default options for statements.

Electronic Billing

The following settings affect statements sent electronically. Electronic billing allows statements to be sent electronically to a third party billing service. Open Dental recommends and supports both DentalXChange and EDS for electronic billing. Other third party options are available.

Email Statements

Edit the default subject and message for statements that are emailed via the Billing List or Account Module. The following variables are available:

Invoice Note

The default note that will appear on Invoice sent in the Account module.

SMS Statements

The default message for SMS (text) messages sent via the billing list. Patient Portal is required and patients must have their login information. The following variables are available:

Send text message for these modes: Set the default modes to send additional text messages to when generating statements from the billing list. The text message can include a clickable link the patient can use to make an online payment. Integrated Texting Feature must also be enabled and patient must be set to accept text messages.