Set up and edit general contact and billing information for a Clinic

In Clinics, click Add, or double-click an existing clinic to edit.

Enter or edit Clinic details from this window or hide a Clinic if no longer in use.

Basic Details

Enter general details about the Clinic.

Address and Specialty Tabs

Enter the default Clinic address used on statements, sheets, etc., and the Billing Address used on claims. Also, assign Clinic specialties. For more information on which Clinic address, practice setup address, and phone number is used on claims, see Claim Addresses.

Physical Treating Address: Enter the address of the physical location where treatment is performed. This is used as the treating address on claims and the Clinic address on statements.

Billing Address: Enter the Billing Address used on claims if different than the physical treating address. Check Use on Claims to use this address as the Billing Address on claims. If checked, the address cannot be a PO Box for e-claims.

Pay To Address: Enter the address where insurance payments go if different than the Physical Treating Address. This can be a PO Box. It is used as the Billing Address on claims. If the Billing Address is also entered, and Use on Claims is checked, the Pay To address is sent with the Billing Address on e-claims but overrides the Billing Address on printed claims.

Note: A 9-digit zip code is required for all addresses when sending 5010 e-claims (see

Specialty: Assign one or more Clinic specialties. Customize options in Definitions: Clinic Specialties. Clinic specialties are useful to differentiate Patient Clones.

Billing Details

Select billing and other additional Clinic details.

Default Insurance Billing Provider: Set the default provider for claims.

Default Proc Place of Service: The default place of service assigned to procedures for this Clinic (Procedure - Misc Tab). Usually for Public Health. This gives accurate Public Health reports about the exact Clinic and place of service where each procedure is performed (useful for mobile vans or nursing homes). If using mobile vans, Sites can also be used to track schools or community locations where a service is performed.

Default Provider: Select the default primary provider when a new patient is created for this clinic.

Default Billing Type: Choose whether to Use Global Preference set by Default Billing Type in Practice Setup or set a Clinic-level default Billing Type.

Auto receive claims with no assignment of benefits: Choose whether to Use Global Preference set by Auto receive claims with no assignment of benefits in Preferences or set a Clinic-level override.

Always Assign Benefits to the Patient: Determines the assignment of benefits for claims.