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Open Dental Cloud Differences

See Open Dental Cloud.

While the majority of Open Dental Cloud is identical to a typical server installation of Open Dental, some features may be unavailable or behave differently. See the list below for details.

Feature Notes
Backup Tool This tool is not available as Open Dental Cloud performs automatic backups.
See Open Dental Cloud Backups.
Choose Database Settings in this window will be read only.
Supplemental Backups This tool is not available as Open Dental Cloud performs automatic backups.
Update Updates are routinely installed automatically for Open Dental Cloud users. To install an update outside of the automatic process (e.g., for a bug fix), Open Dental Cloud users can also schedule an appointment with Open Dental Support to update.
Select Patient The On-screen Keyboard button is not available.
Imaging Module
  • Video Capture is not available.
  • When viewing a PDF in the Imaging Module, controls are unavailable such as zooming in/out, keyboard shortcuts, etc.
PayConnect Payments. (PayConnect Setup, Credit Card Payment) PayConnect 2.0 is not supported. Signatures are not supported.
Topaz Signature Pads. (Topaz BSB Model Setup, Topaz HSB Model Setup) Topaz Electronic Signatures are not supported.
Voice Perio Charting Voice Perio Charting is not available.
Generic HL7 Message Structure, EHR Setup Window, Replication Setup These windows are not available as they are not needed when utilizing Open Dental Cloud.
NewCrop eRX / Prescription NewCrop eRx is not available for Open Dental Cloud. Instead, use DoseSpot eRx / Prescription.
Graphics DirectX is not available for Open Dental Cloud. Ortho graphics and Custom Text on the Graphical Tooth Chart and Graphical Perio Chart are not available.
A to Z Folder The A to Z Images (OpenDentImages) Folder is not stored locally, so when importing images or documents that would normally be imported from this folder, users must import from the local workstation instead. This affects features like DentalXChange Attachment Service and Email Attachments.

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