Open Dental is customizable for orthodontic specialty practices. We continue to refine and expand features for this specialty.

Webinar: Orthodontic Features in Open Dental

General Setup

Chart Module Preferences: Set the tooth nomenclature to Palmer.

Ortho Setup: Set default orthodontic preferences for display options, claims, and the ortho chart.

Ortho Chart Setup: Create tabs to organize ortho chart information and set which columns of information show on each tab.

Procedure Codes: Add and edit procedure codes and set default procedure fees and time patterns. You will generally have two types of procedure codes.

Patient Management

Clone creates a clone of the original patient (in ALL CAPS). Specific demographic information and insurance plan data can be synced from original to clone patient. Offices that offer general dentistry and orthodontics use patient clones to keep accounting separate. For example, track production and income for each provider that treats the same patient, such as dentist versus orthodontist work.


Add the procedure(s) to the appointment, assign your provider, then schedule it. See Edit Appointment.

Appointment schedule: To quickly identify appointment providers or type by color, there are a few options:



Enter procedures in the Chart module and organize them in Treatment Plans.

Insurance and Billing


Referrals: Track and report on referrals to see at a glance who referred each patient to your office. You can merge letters for your referral sources as well.

Patient Letters: Letter to create school excuse slips or other patient communication.